If you’re a founder or you work in a startup sales team, you’ve probably heard it all before….

Cold calling is dead. Cold emails are just spammy & annoying. Inbound is the new king. 

Well… we call BS. 

When built & tuned correctly, your outbound sales engine can propel your fledgling startup to stratospheric new heights. 

In this webinar replay, Tito Bohrt, CRO/CEO at Altisales, shared tips & tricks you can implement TODAY to fill your calendars with high-quality meetings (without being annoying), using world-class outbound sales techniques.

[How To] $0.5 - $5M ARR: Outbound Sales Playbook for B2B SaaS Startups


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What You'll Learn

  • Messaging: How to define & communicate your product’s unique value (in a way that prospects actually care about)
  • Targeting: Why you CAN’T be everything to everyone (and how to build & target your ideal customer profiles)
  • Prospecting: How to predictably generate quality sales conversations, without being annoying (using cold emails and calls)

Meet The Speakers

Alexander Willeford

Growth Associate

Sales Hacker

Tito Bohrt



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