Have a mix of Inbound & Outbound meetings filling your calendar? Wondering why the majority of your deals die immediately after a demo? You’re not alone. 

Tito Bohrt, CEO at Altisales, & Dave Kennett, CEO at Replayz, joined us to learn how to run top-notch inbound AND outbound meetings and avoid the biggest “deal-killing” prospecting mistakes that salespeople are making.

Avoiding “Death after Demo”: How to Run Top-Notch Disco/Demo Calls


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What You'll Learn

  • How to set clear boundaries between (1) Inbound, (2) Warm Outbound and (3) Cold Outbound prospects
  • How to align your discovery & demo calls with the prospect’s needs and their stage in the Buyer’s Journey
  • How to run Inbound vs. Outbound discovery calls & demos (hint: treating Outbound prospects like they’re Inbound is a deal-killer)
  • Tips & tricks to do the necessary research to get context around your prospect & their problems (so you don’t ask dumb questions!)

Meet The Speakers

Dave Kennett



Tito Bohrt

Founder & CEO


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