3 Key Pillars to a Winning Sales Team: How to Utilize Win-Loss Analysis


Bad news: you may have noticed that your win rates have started to decline, sales cycles are getting longer, and pipeline is shrinking. (the last couple of months have been a doozy)

Good news: win-loss analysis can help. 

We were joined by these experts to unpack how these insights will help you build pipeline by targeting the right prospects, communicate real value during the sales process, and boost the confidence of your sales reps.

You'll learn:

  • How to target the right profiles and how to talk to them
  • Prove value during the sales process (losses are often contributed to “budget” or “pricing” where that really translates to reps not selling the products value properly)
  • Enable sales confidence (get to know— for sure— that losses are not anything the rep is doing and instill the confidence to win more)

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Meet the Speakers

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VP of Sales


Sales Director


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