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Back to Basics of Lead Generation

Lesley Collins

July 31st, 2014

*Editors Note: Live updates from the Sales Hacker Series – Lead Gen & List Building in Dublin are brought to you by Betts Recruiting. Betts Recruiting helps companies teams staff and attract talent for all revenue generating roles. Follow us @BettsRecruiting. Slides from the session are embedded below the text.

This session is titled Back to Basics of Lead Generation by the Senior Sales Manager at SurveyMonkey, Lesley Collins.

The key to building a successful business is building successful leads. At SurveyMonkey we held weekly one on ones, focused purely on lead generation activities, reviewed the process, and critiqued how they could improve.


  • Dual approach to lead generation:
    • the company itself will help to find leads through marketing
    • activity planning for short term revenue, as most leads can take months
  • Brand Generation: use your website! Drive a keyword strategy and what is driving customers to your website.
  • BLOG! – Google recognizes blog as “fresh” when regularly updated. With strategic keywords, you can drive your website to be found easier.
  • Gather details, nurture the relationship, build the lead until they are ready.
  • Companies with better nurturing campaigns can generate 33% better leads, at 40% less cost.


  • Hire the right people and dig deep. Interview about examples, their drive, be sure they aren’t used to being handed the sale, get the hungry ones.
  • Plan everything! Plan your strategy, your day, your month, your career path.
  • Know your audience. Know their role and who you are selling to. Know their pain and craft a message that resonates with them.
  • Planning.
  • Focus on the correct role, know who you’re going after
  • Apply strategy to the role appropriately
  • Practice your execution and know your end goal.


  • Use your tools to know who you are talking to and why you are talking to them
  • A CRM like Salesforce is important for transparency. Get everyone on the same page, and provide the competitive element. As a manager, it’s easy to track the success of an individual and how they can improve the company based off that.


  • Research through all the tools you have. Tailor your message specifically for them, and only through research will it be crafted properly. Don’t just blast emails, understand who you are approaching.
  • BASHO and SANDLER methodologies are extremely effective. Way of reaching out for a first contact, with a science behind it. Truly works.


  • Hire the right people
  • Help your team succeed
  • Arm them with a successful strategy and methodology. Monitor success with a CRM

Q: Better, cold calling or email?

A: Well researched and drafted email methodology seems to be more successful than cold calling.


Sales Hacker Series Dublin was Sponsored by Betts RecruitingBank of Ireland, and CaFiCo International.

About the author

Lesley Collins

Lesley Collins is former Senior Sales Manager at SurveyMonkey, she is an experienced multilingual sales leader with successful track record in hiring, building and leading successful inside and in-country sales teams with focus on key European markets in the Cloud Computing industry.

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