50+ Best Lead Generation Tools to Increase Leads by 300%

Best Lead Generation Tools

We’ve gathered a list of the best lead generation tools on the market today. These providers use the most advanced methods to boost your response rates. We’ve also included pricing in our rundown to make sure you find a solution that works within your own budget.

Building a successful business starts with great leads. The right contact information can be key to closing deals. Previous generations spent hours making phone calls or blindly visiting businesses, asking to speak to the person in charge.

Even targeted email blasts can see limited results if they’re too generic. Technology has brought a new way to target leads. Instead of relying on “spray and pray” methods of reaching out to customers, brands can gather lists of verified leads from reputable channels.

Some of these solutions use publicly-available data, while others have humans individually vet each name on the list before sending it through.

As artificial intelligence grows more advanced, businesses can work from a list of those who are most likely to convert, making them much more efficient in their sales efforts.

Below are the different categories of tools in this list. Click on the category of your choice to skip to the tools:

Best Lead Generation Tools: Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Lead Forensics

One of the best ways to build a strong list of leads is to get to know the customers who are visiting your site. Lead Forensics grabs the IP address of every person who stops by your website and gathers contact and demographic information for each.

Leads are scored on multiple criteria to help you identify those most likely to convert.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: 6rs., Digivate, Readleaf

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Designed for the unique needs of the technology industry, Datanyze helps businesses by providing data on the software and hardware a website visitor is using.

You can also use the tool to gather information on the company and its social media interactions, which you can put toward personalizing your interactions with each lead.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Adobe, Salesforce, Cloudflare


With NextOS, Nextiva has the top solution on the market for uncovering customer insights. This all-in-one platform actually analyzes customer sentiment across every business communication channel and lets you know how your customers are feeling about working with you.

NextOS brings together survey software, live chat tools, customer service CRM, and marketing automation in order to keep all communication under one platform.

Its AI actively analyzes all correspondence with a customer to assess the relationship. That way the next time you chat with a customer you already know not only what they want but also how they’re feeling.

Price: $35-$55 per month, billed annually

Notable Clients: Taco Bell, Netflix, Conan

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Mailing List Builders

Mailing List Builder


If you’ve ever managed an email contact database, you likely know how quickly the information can become dated.

LeadGenius uses a combination of technology and human lead verifiers to make sure every name on your list is current. Best of all, you can get a list that includes multiple decision makers at each business to improve your odds of getting a response.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: eBay, Signifyd, Weebly


Using machine intelligence, LeadBoost gathers the best decision makers in your target market. The software is built specifically to fit your defined attributes to ensure that your mailing list only has names that are the most relevant to your business.

Results are supported by human researchers, as with LeadGenius, covering those areas that technology can sometimes miss.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Everbridge, Prosperworks, HelloSign


Salesgenie has contact information for more than 25 million businesses, with new names added weekly.

You can build the list of leads that are best for you based on specifics like age, income, home value, and more. You can choose solutions geared toward individual entrepreneurs, teams of employees, and marketing professionals.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Mark Farnham Agency, The Thompson Group

Direct Mail Targeting

Direct Mail Targeting


There are plenty of tools that help you target customers online, but direct mail is still an effective way to find customers.

ReachDynamics can match information on your website visitors to known mailing information and send follow-up offers on your behalf.

The tool can apply the same approach to email marketing, reaching out to customers after they visit your site with an offer that will hopefully entice them back.

Price: $0.62-$0.86 per postcard

Notable Clients: Goodsell Marketing


PebblePost captures in-depth information on each of your website visitors, including keyword searches and cart abandonment.

From this data, a postcard and catalog can be generated and delivered to a postal hub within 12 to 24 hours to increase the odds they’ll take action.

You can set goals for your campaign and monitor results in real time to determine whether you need to adjust your approach to get better results.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Parachute, Haven Life, Boxed.com

El Toro

El Toro has a reverse append algorithm that turns IP addresses into mailing addresses. From there, you can add the information to your database or send direct mail pieces using one of El Toro’s direct mail partners.

The technology can also be used to deliver geolocation-specific advertisements across all the sites a customer visits after interacting with your brand.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Humana, Delta Dental, Buffalo Wild Wings

Web Form Creators

Web form creators

HubSpot Forms

HubSpot’s online form builder is one of the most powerful web form creators available. The tool combines the foundations of form creation with cutting-edge technology to give users much more capability than a normal online form builder can. 

Even though it’s one of the more advanced form builder tools, you don’t need any technical expertise when you use HubSpot’s form builder. And once someone fills your form out, they’re automatically routed to HubSpot’s free CRM. Once they’re in your CRM system, you can set reminder tasks, call them, and send them one-to-one personalized emails, letting you better manage and nurture relationships with your contacts.

HubSpot Forms is available for WordPress via HubSpot’s WordPress plugin. When building forms on your WordPress website, you can choose from four types of WordPress forms: inline form, overlay modals, top banners, slide-in boxes.

Price: Free

Notable Clients: None listed


The best place to capture leads is your own website, but only a small percentage of your website visitors will hand the information over.

Sumo strives to make it as easy as possible, offering a simple popup that customers see at the time you choose. If a customer is exiting your website, for instance, you can launch an invitation to enter an email address to receive your newsletter.

Price: $0-$79 per month

Notable Clients: Airbnb, BeachBody, Tony Robbins


Surveys are a great way to learn more about the customers visiting your website. Fieldboom helps you build forms that will get results, including surveys, quizzes, and contact forms.

Your results can easily be pushed to some of the most popular tools, including MailChimp, Salesforce, and Google Sheets. Once you have the data, you can use it to gain insights into your customer base.

Price: $49 per month, $39 per month if paid yearly

Notable Clients: Radisson, Mayo Clinic, PNC


Leadformly promises to triple your leads with its webform templates. Instead of simply asking for a name and email address, Leadformly gets creative, using fun graphic design to entice customers to click.

One loan calculator form asks the straightforward question, “What do you want to buy?” then uses clickable icons for the answer.

Price: $37-$149 per month

Notable Clients: ITW, AffiniPay, Glion


Paperform is a versatile form builder that helps small businesses cut down on busywork and can be tailored to any project. Take payments, make bookings, connect with customers and sell products. The powerful editor eliminates the clunky menus in favor of a fully customisable free text interface and drag-and-drop functionality. It’s as simple as writing a document.

The custom HTML and CSS capabilities, its growing 27+ question fields and its growing 650+ template library from feedback forms to donation forms, means it’s ideal for a variety of professionals looking to create beautiful, yet smart solutions.

With over 3,000 integrations, Paperform can connect you to thousands of popular apps and services, bringing all your work under one roof. Sync data to Google Sheets. Automate newsletters with Mailchimp. Share responses to Notion databases. It’s as quick and easy as a message between friends.

Price: $20-$159 per month and a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Notable Clients: Zapier, The World Back, AppSumo, Woorank

Email Address Search

Email Address Search


Aeroleads helps you find and verify emails addresses so you could build a list of genuine email address to outreach, cold email, or run your email marketing campaign. 

The best thing about Aeroleads is, it not only helps you find emails but also allows you to export the data into a CSV file or a CRM tool. So you prospect successfully while maintaining customer/ client relationships. 

Price: $49- $499/ month

Notable Clients: Adobe, IBM, Gartner, Dominos, and TATA

Anymail Finder

Few things can be as frustrating as bounced emails. Anymail Finder provides verified email addresses based on a name, company name, or domain.

If the email address can’t be 100 percent verified, you won’t be charged a credit. One of the best features of Anymail Finder is that you can upload a large group of names or domains and get a list back in hours.

Price: $49-$449, first 20 addresses free

Notable Clients: None listed


Norbert combines the best of both of the above tools, letting you find an email address by name or company as well as verify the validity of an email address you already have. You can also upload a CSV file to launch a bulk email address search.

The email finder integrates with some of the top sales tools, including Zapier, Hubspot, and Pipedrive, so you can quickly output the information for your sales team to begin working with it.

Price: $0.10 per lead or $39-$399 per month, first 50 addresses free

Notable Clients: Facebook, Airbnb, Intel

Landing Pages

Landing Pages


Landing pages can be a great way to collect information on interested customers. Unbounce is one of the best tools for this, offering a drag-and-drop builder that creates professional-quality pages.

You can add in popups and sticky bars to collect leads from your visitors.

Landing pages are popular in paid-per-click campaigns, since they send customers to a page that immediately directs them to input information about themselves..

Price: $79-$399 per month, billed annually

Notable Clients: Vimeo, Hootsuite, Thomson Reuters


ClickFunnels is designed to help entrepreneurs quickly create landing pages without the help of a developer. You choose from a variety of page types designed for the products you’re trying to sell, set the page up, and wait for results.

For example, you can create a simple two-part squeeze page that collects information.

Price: $97-$297 per month

Notable Clients: None listed




Leadberry works like other website lead generation tools, but it’s specifically geared toward the unique needs of B2B-based companies.

The software monitors your page, gathering contact information on business visitors, then creates a usable list of leads for your team. You’ll not only get names and contact information, but useful data from social media activity on each visitor, as well.

Price: $24-$299 per month, billed annually

Notable Clients: None listed


Once in place, LeadFeeder will track your website’s visitors and generate a list of scored leads using Google Analytics. With integrations, you can put the information to use through LinkedIn, MailChimp, or your CRM.

The data is presented to you in real time, through alerts to your inbox, so that you can take action as quickly as possible to avoid losing a great prospect.

Price: $53-$269 per month

Notable Clients: Quru, Framery


Jumplead lets you combine information you gather from forms with automation. Once you have this information, you can send automated emails and broadcast campaigns to get results.

Email conversations are tracked in a shared inbox to make follow-up easy. Using the gathered information, the software can deploy emails based on triggers you’ve set up to make sure the right message is delivered to a customer at the perfect time.

Price: $24-$199 per month

Notable Clients: SearcherMagnet, SmartEdTech, CollaborativeHealth




Video is expected to only increase in popularity in the years to come. It’s important to have a tool that captures leads from your videos. Wistia’s Turnstile email collector lets viewers input their email addresses directly in the email player, making it more likely they’ll take action.

If you share your video on Twitter, customers can view and input their contact information directly in the player there, as well, helping you reach customers through social shares.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Pyramind, Bizzabo, LeadGenius

Vimeo Business

A respected name in video, Vimeo provides email capture capabilities in both its business and premium versions. Once your video is ready, you can easily share it across social media to expand beyond your current customer base.

Once captured, email addresses are synced to your favorite email marketing software. In addition to designing videos and collecting leads through them, you can also store up to 7TB of videos and organize your library for improved efficiency.

Price: $50-$75 per month, billed annually

Notable Clients: None listed



Yelp WiFi

Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses offer free WiFi connectivity to guests. If you’re one of those businesses, why not make the most of it?

Yelp WiFi not only helps you create customized promotional offers to your customers, but it will also collect contact information that you can then use to communicate moving forward.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Broncos Restaurant, Boots & Bourbon Saloon

Purple WiFi Analytics

Purple’s WiFi Analytics lets you capture customer data in real-time through customers hooking up to your network.

It can even be set up so that you can collect information when customers aren’t logged in to the network. You can measure foot traffic, conversion and bounce rates, and how long customers stay. You can also track repeat visitors.

Price: Free for SMBs, enterprise pricing upon request

Notable Clients: CenturyLink, Pacers, McDonald’s


Once customers are logged in, you can gather information on them and use that data to create a highly personalized experience.

You’ll also have the benefit of heat mapping to show you where customers are traveling throughout your location so that you can better measure store traffic flow.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: None listed




You put time and effort into scheduling your webinars, so it’s important to get something out of them. LeadSquared helps you make the most of your GoToWebinar sessions by creating an attractive registration page and helping you take action after the fact.

Once you’ve gathered the information, you can use LeadSquared to create drip email campaigns and monitor results.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: CrackVerbal, Zoomcar, LifCARE Pharmacy


EverWebinar also appears in our list of the top lead generation tools. If you use this tool, you get the privilege of building an email list that is highly converting. This is because EverWebiner uses webinar automation technology.

Set your webinar to play automatically at given intervals. The tool offers you the chance of scheduling when the webinars will air. The tool does all the hard work for you. You, therefore, no longer have to worry about your users’ live experience.

Your website’s visitors get an alert telling them to get ready when a webinar is about to begin. The result is usually increased engagement, which leads to better lead generation.

Price: One-off $497 fee

Notable Clients: Genesis Digital LLC, NBC


If Cisco WebEx is your webinar tool of choice, you can integrate it with Marketo to capture leads from your meetings.

When someone registers, that information is captured in your database and updated as necessary. You’ll first create an event, then invite attendees to sign up through your Marketo landing page. It will then collect the information and deliver it to you for after-event follow-up.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: CA Technologies, Centurylink, Charles Schwab


Although its lead form has been phased out, LinkedIn’s SlideShare feature remains one of the best lead generation tools on the market.

Since your presentation is hosted on LinkedIn, viewers will find it easy to track you down and make a connection if they like what they see.

You can also use the list of viewers to follow up after the fact. In addition to this, your slides will be featured on LinkedIn, which will help you reach people who don’t already know about your brand.

Price: Free

Notable Clients: NVIDIA, Deloitte, Edureka!

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns


Email is an important part of any lead generation marketing campaign, and Growbots uses A.I. to help you find highly targeted prospects.

You then create an email and let the software do the rest. You’ll set the parameters, so follow-up emails will automatically go out when, for example, a certain time period has passed with no response.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: ReactiveOps, Highfive, GetResponse


Wishpond is a lead generation tool that generates usable contact information for you.

If you integrate it with your MailChimp account, the data Wishpond creates will be used to help you create high-performing email contact lists. Wishpond also has a landing page creation tool that will increase your ability to gather leads.

Price: $75-$299 per month

Notable Clients: BodyCandy, Deviate Labs, GoEco


Part of Constant Contact’s app marketplace, MarketCapture specializes in lead generation for high-tech clients like software companies.

It’s the perfect tool for technology providers who plan to use Constant Contact as an email marketing tool. Lead generation is divided into two steps: acquisition and nurturing. With this combination, your database will have high-quality leads that are likely to convert.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: Payoneer, ExLibris, ClickSoftware


How are your email marketing and CRM solution skills? Your prowess in them will determine how you will capture and convert. You need to be able to have a good follow up to ensure you convert.

It would be best to have the best email marketing tool and CRM to make the whole process possible. In this, ActiveCampaign will help you a big deal. With it, you can track all the interactions and leads on your website. After that, it is easier to use them as triggers in your email marketing campaign.

The tool helps you to get notifications any time a lead visits any page on your website. With ActiveCampaign you can send follow up emails to the cold leads after a short while or any other emails that will help warm the lead.

Price: $9 per month

Notable Clients: Dropbox, Shopify, Zendesk, Salesforce Sales


SendinBlue comes with a free version. With the tool sending, transactional emails become much more manageable. It lacks the automation feature, but it is competent as compared to other tools.

Its white-label helps you customize the URLs to your domain to add your agency logo on the interface. Also, you can come up with a custom report on all and different clients.

If you are dealing with a wide range of clients in which you have a foreign-speaking client, SendinBlue is the best tool for you as the white label comes with multiple languages.

Price: $25 per month

Notable Clients: Paralect, 37DEUX, Volosoft, PlusDental


Prospect.io emphasizes outbound marketing tricks. It has a feature that helps you find emails that you can use in your cold email pitching or campaign. Also, it comes with a separate tool that you can use to verify the refined list you get before cold pitching.

It has a platform library of templates that helps you to create your drip campaign instead of creating from scratch. But if you prefer creating from scratch, you have that option.

The tool provides you with an analysis of how the campaign is performing.

The tool gives you an almost complete outbound marketing platform.

Price: $79 per month

Notable Clients: Antidote, STRIVR, Inc, Tinyclues

Really Good Emails

Getting the right template for your campaign can be a lot of work. You go through many of them before getting the right one. Really Good Emails is taking the hustle from you. It has a collection of good designs for you.

All you need is to browse emails in the category you want, and you get quality email designs that will help you come up with the perfect email

Price: Free

Notable Clients: DataStax, Apache Hive


Canva helps you come up with graphics and visuals to use on your blogs and social media. With Canva, you can create unique images fast and without much work. The best part is the platform is free unless you want additional photos that are not needed.

Price: $30 per month.

Notable Clients: Canal Barge Company, Inc, Roger Williams University, BuildASign.com

WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress Plug-in

Thrive Leads

For the many businesses that use WordPress, lead generation needs to be set up using a plugin. One of the best lead generation tools is Thrive Leads. They use a drag-and-drop form creator to help you set up forms for your WordPress site.

You can then target visitors with forms that encourage them to input their information.

Price: $19 per month or $67-$147 flat price

Notable Clients: CleverClicks, John Lee Dumas

LeadBoxer for WordPress

Once your plugin is in place, LeadBoxer lets you view data on your visitors using a mobile app, including contact information. Your sales team can then put that information to use to turn visitors into paying customers.

In addition to gathering information from your WordPress page, LeadBoxer can also monitor your email to follow the customer journey across multiple profiles.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: IDG, Selecta, Ricoh


OptinMonster provides high-converting forms and uses behavior detection rules to get results without scaring off customers.

You can also use retargeting technology to bring customers back to your page after they leave. All forms are mobile-friendly and can be set to deploy at the perfect time. Segmentation ensures that each customer experience is personalized to their own unique preferences.

Price: $0-$199 per month, billed annually

Notable Clients: Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, Yoast

Yoast SEO plugin

If your website is on WordPress, then Yoast SEO is a must-have. It will help you resolve the SEO problems and cover all the basics on your site’s pages and posts.

The tool is perfect for those who don’t have much knowledge of SEO as it will help you optimize the title headings and come up with the best keywords. It even analyzes your content and gives suggestions on how to improve. It has a free version.

Price: paid version $49.93 per month

Notable Clients: MEDIA FRENZY GLOBAL, LL, Voce Communications, Inc.


Twilio helps you integrate the SMS and voice call into any application. It is best for search marketers to track call capabilities to ensure the phone calls don’t fall in any gaps in the data you collect.

Price: Priced upon application

Notable Clients: Airbnb, Lyft, Instacart

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing


Word of mouth remains one of the best ways to generate leads. Ambassador helps you track down brand ambassadors, enroll them in your program, and manage them. You can also automate the reward process for your ambassadors through the app.

You can identify the ideal ambassadors and segment them based on channels, programs, or their relationship to your brand.

Price: Not publicly provided

Notable Clients: HP, Fubo TV, Pill Pack


ReferralRock helps you generate leads by making it as easy as possible for customers to tell others about you.

You can set up one-click sharing to social platforms, referral widgets, default sharing messages, and rewards. You can also use ReferralRock to set up “refer a friend” campaigns and offer gift cards and PayPal payments as a thank you.

Price: $200-$800 per month

Notable Clients: YMCA, Trendy Butler, EZAirPark


For ecommerce brands, there’s ReferralCandy, which makes it easy to set up a referral program. Once in place, you can monitor the results of your campaign and identify areas that can be improved.

Each customer is given a unique link to share with friends, making it easy to track which of your loyal customers are telling others about you.

Price: Plans start at $49 per month

Notable Clients: Uniqlo, Dappertime, Bluesmart

Other Lead Generation Tools


Whenever leads visit your business website, you will engage them in a conversation directly when you use Intercom. This tool gives you the advantage of setting up rules that communicate to your site’s visitors upon meeting specific rules.

Through the tool’s live chat feature, an operator can communicate directly to people visiting your website. One of the best advantages of using Intercom is getting feedback about your products directly from the consumers.

You also understand objections better since you will be speaking with the customers directly.

Price: $87 per month

Notable Clients: GitHub, Slack, Mailchimp, Stripe, Zendesk


With Turnstile, from Wistia, you can collect email addresses and names of prospects once an individual is done watching a video.

The tool offers you a great avenue to convert visitors to prospects. This is because Turnstile offers an email collector usually strategizing to be at the beginning, mid-video, and end.

The visitors remain engaged with the content you put out there for public consumption. Engaged visitors easily turn into leads since they are already interested in what you have to offer.

Price: $99 per month; there is also a free version available.

Notable Clients: ALPS Electric Czech, s.r.o, Ferona a.s., HETTICH k.s.


In most sales environments, Qualaroo works as a customer research tool. If you decide to use this tool, you will get mini-surveys crucial in helping you convey messages to your website’s visitors.

When you use Qualaroo for lead generation only, you will be underusing the tool since it has a lot of potentials. The best use for the tool is engaging in in-depth, meaningful conversations with the website’s visitors.

Here, you will ask relevant questions that give you more data about customer needs and preferences.

By the time you get to three-quarters of a survey, you will be better informed to schedule a follow-up phone call. Alternatively, you can decide to send an email to the prospect.

Price: $199 per month

Notable Clients: Spotify, Upwork

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is another top lead generation tool that is easy to use. Once you have installed the tool, you will get a widget appearing at the top of each web page that you open.

The advantage this tool brings over others is giving you the power to customize the widget’s message. Use your creativity to develop a powerful call to action that you will use to get more leads.

Come up with an incentive that will help you have a mail list of subscribers. Use this tool to persuade people to give their email, and in return, they will get a specific reward.

Price: $99 per month; there is a free version available.

Notable Clients: Associations, Altus Dynamics, Carlisle FoodService Products.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Among the top lead generation tools, you will get LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The tool helps salespeople dealing with B2B sales to get more profitable leads.

With this lead generation tool, saving leads into your CRM is easy as you do it directly from LinkedIn.

The tool also gives you a platform to see the people visiting your website. From here, you get lead recommendations where you now move on to the next step of your sales process.

Price: $64.99 per month

Notable Clients: SmartBrief Inc.SproutLoud Media Networks LLC, Evolve IP LLC


With Quora, asking any type of question online and getting replies is now fast. If you want to increase your sales by understanding what information clients are looking for, Quora is one of the best lead generation tools for this job.

You will get a wide range of topics that clients are interested in. Your part is doing in-depth research on a specific question or topic and giving a detailed answer.

When people read and like your reply, this becomes a favorable platform to show your expertise. People will consequently contact you when they want their needs met.

Price: Free

Notable Clients: Digital Marketing Ninja, Sports nut, Huffington Post


Are you worried about spending a lot of time managing your social media account? Well, managing one social media effectively demands that you dedicate enough time to it. If you have more than one account to manage, then it’s a bit challenging.

Luckily, Hootsuite has been developed to solve this challenge for you. Hootsuite is one of the best lead generation tools that helps you manage social media accounts easily in the comfort of your home.

With this tool, you get beneficial insight from the marketing strategies you put in place. Scheduling and automatically updating posts become uncomplicated.

Price: $25 per month

Notable Clients: MEDIA FRENZY GLOBAL LLC, TerraCycle Inc.,  GMMB


If you ever find yourself on a search engine typing, “What are the best lead generation tools?” pause and search for SendBlaster.

This tool gives you an upper hand over your competitors in sending emails in bulk. You can create straightforward and convincing emails by editing the templates in the tools library.

You will then send all these emails to as many people as possible, giving you a better chance of getting leads.

However, you must pay a one-off fee before you begin sending emails to all the contacts you have.

Are you worried about your email going to the spam box? With SendBlaster, the emails you send have a significant likelihood of being read. This is because the tool uses spam algorithms avoiding techniques to remove words and phrases that are spammy.

Price: One-off $150

Notable Clients: Huawei, Amazon Penton


If you are a lover of artificial intelligence in sales, Growbots is a tool you should utilize.

The tool does outbound lead generation through the massive database of contacts and your commands. You will get automated emails sent to your contacts.

Price: Priced on application

Notable Clients: Meta Company, Aduro Inc, AMPLIFY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION


For ‌your‌ ‌website‌ ‌, ‌SEMrush‌ ‌is‌ ‌an‌ ‌SEO‌ ‌tool‌ ‌that‌ ‌you‌ ‌should‌ ‌have.‌ ‌It‌ ‌helps‌ ‌in‌ ‌on-site‌ ‌auditing‌ ‌and‌ ‌running‌ ‌a‌ ‌health‌y ‌website‌ ‌in‌ ‌terms‌ ‌of‌ ‌technical‌ ‌SEO.‌ ‌SEMrush‌ ‌is‌ ‌well‌ ‌known‌ ‌for‌ its ‌keyword‌ ‌research‌ ‌ability.‌ ‌

Apart‌ ‌from‌ ‌that,‌ ‌it‌ ‌provides‌ ‌users‌ ‌with‌ ‌a‌ ‌thorough‌ ‌checklist‌ of ‌all‌ ‌the‌ ‌site’s ‌technical‌ ‌SEO‌ ‌opportunities.‌ ‌

It‌ ‌also‌ ‌allows‌ ‌the‌ ‌staff‌ ‌especially‌ ‌those‌ ‌with‌ ‌fewer‌ ‌experiences‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌technical‌ ‌SEO‌ ‌to‌ ‌come‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ ‌same‌ ‌conclusion‌ ‌as‌ ‌the‌ ‌experienced‌ ‌one.‌ ‌

Price: $100 per month

Notable Clients: QA Limited, Kurt Geiger Ltd, Fidelitas Development


Reply.io is another lead generation tool in the form of a reply chrome extension that enables you to get emails for prospecting on LinkedIn.

When using this tool, make sure you also have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator to source for prospecting emails in bulk. If you have enough time, you can also source for the emails one after the other.

Another benefit of lead generation through this tool is that it enables you to add new contacts at once to your multichannel sequence. You can manage the tasks you are performing with ease. Direct calling of prospects is also possible with this lead generation tool.

Price: free unlimited access for all Reply users.

Notable Clients: SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC, i4 Recruitment Ltd, Pluralsight Inc

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert will serve you best. It is one of the top lead generation tools that help salespeople find people’s email addresses with ease.

To get a prospect’s email address, type their name and the organization they work for. The tool will go through various websites and automatically get you the prospect’s email address.

If you want to cut the hustle of getting one email address at a time, build email address finding is also available.

Price: First 50 emails are free, plans start at $49 per month.

Notable Clients: Oracle, AirBnB


Ahrefs is an all-purpose SEO tool but best known for its backlink checker tool which is unrivalled and best for link building. Its website report is well detailed as compared to other tools.

It provides you with heavy technical SEO data on your website. With the data, you can identify the problems and fix them on time to ensure they don’t interfere with your search ranking.

Price: $99 per month

Notable Clients: Steadfast Creative, Allied Wire & Cable Inc., Momentum Solar

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