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50 Bad Ass Sales Podcasts Every Sales Professional Should Follow in 2019

Max Altschuler

February 11th, 2019

best sales podcasts

The path to sales enlightenment requires continuous self-learning, but there’s a real problem. Salespeople are BUSY. With the insane rise of text-based content, we understand that not all salespeople have time to sit and read articles. That’s why we’ve rounded up the complete list of best sales podcasts to turbocharge your journey to achieving sales mastery.

Listen To Sales Podcasts, Then Go Listen To Your Prospects! 

Success in sales requires a lot of listening.

Without listening, you won’t truly understand your customers. Without understanding your customers, you can’t solve their problems. If you can’t solve their problems, you will NEVER sell anything.

So don’t just aimlessly listen to sales podcasts and never implement the lessons.

Take notes, highlight the best parts, and share important takeaways with your team.

Then, most importantly, take what you learn and go apply the insights to your sales process.

Experiment, test, record, and optimize!

Without further delay…

Here are our top 50+ sales podcasts you can listen to while commuting, having a break, enjoying a weekend afternoon, or at any time you feel the need to learn a new selling technique or find fresh inspiration.


(Note: since we love all of these podcasts, we’ve just listed them in alphabetical order.)

1. Accelerate! (Sales, Profits, Growth)

  • Producer/Host: Andy Paul
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 20-60 mins.

Accelerate! is a handy resource for ramping up your sales performance. With more than three decades of outstanding sales credentials, author and speaker Andy Paul interviews other sales luminaries like Jill Konrath and Tim Sanders to share insights on marketing, coaching, sales automation, new research, personal development, and other exciting subjects. This one is a classic, with almost 700 episodes now.

2. Advanced Selling Podcast

  • Producer/Host: Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: Less than 20 mins.

Get technical help and a dose of motivation from two of the leading B2B sales trainers, leadership coaches and business strategists on the market. Both Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale have more than two decades of industry experience and they’ll share tactics and practical wisdom that will help improve your game, rewire your thinking, and transform you into a better sales pro. Enjoy the duo’s humor as they show better ways of prospecting, cold calling, or sales forecasting.

3. B2B Growth Show

  • Producer/Host: Sweet Fish Media/James Carbary and Jonathan Green
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 15-30 mins.

B2B marketing experts James Carbary and Jonathan Green interview a business leader on leadership, sales-to-marketing realignment, buyer personas, marketing strategy, and a host of other topics. Given the podcast’s more than 500 episodes, you’ll likely find several that will meet your needs.

4. B2B Nation: Smarketing

  • Producer/Host: Technology Advice/Chris Klinefelter
  • Links: iTunes
  • Average Duration: Usually 10 mins. to 25 mins.

Technology Advice builds strong relationships between buyers and sellers of technology. For this purpose, their podcast, B2B Nation explores issues, challenges and solutions in three verticals: IT, HR and Smarketing. Hosted by marketing consultant Chris Klinefelter, the podcast features thought leaders from notable organizations such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and CEB.

5. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

  • Producer/Host: Bowery Capital
  • Links: iTunes
  • Average Duration: 20-50 mins.

For startups, stories about product development and founder behavior usually dominate the spotlight. At the end of the day, however, it is the sales team’s performance that will ultimately spell doom or success for the venture. Bowery Capital focuses on this segment and has helped early-stage businesses get their sales team, processes, and productivity in top shape. Providing advice on tools and techniques for hacking growth, Bowery Capital’s podcast will help you navigate the various challenges of startup sales.

6. Catalyst Sale Podcast

  • Producer/Host: Catalyst Sale/Mike Conner and Mike Simmons
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: Generally less than 20 mins.

Catalyst Sale enables organizations to build and deploy top-notch sales teams through training and enablement. Their podcast reflects the corporate mantra that selling is primarily a thinking process. Hosts and co-founders Mike Conner and Mike Simmons have a collective industry experience of more than five decades and they’ll share insights for motivation as well as actionable tips you can adopt in your workflow.

7. Closing Bigger

  • Producer/Host: Shane Gibson
  • Links: iTunes
  • Average Duration: varies widely from less than 10 to more than 50 mins.

Learn how to develop a full array of selling skills: from asking the right questions to using the proper apps. Closing Bigger is a project of noted international speaker and sales performance guru Shane Gibson. Shane Gibson will share practical tips and insight on every stage of the selling and marketing processes, with a strong focus on psychology and relational dynamics.

8. Conversations with Women in Sales

  • Producer/Host: Sweet Fish Media/Barb Giamenco
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 35 to 45 mins

This is a Podcast for women who work in sales roles. Why? 1. We want to expose more women who work in sales to each other. That way we as women in sales can tell our stories and learn from each other. 2. It is a great way to expose women who don’t work in sales to the world of sales. This podcast is hosted by bestselling author, keynote speaker, and social media strategist Barb Giamanco. Covering a wide range of topics from social selling and career advancement to workplace diversity and leadership, Barb taps insight from her own extensive sales experience as well as those of her VIP guests.

9. Duct Tape Marketing

Listen to interviews of prominent authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Learn new tactics and get information about the latest sales tools for small to medium-scale companies. John Jantsch leverages decades of industry experience and personal connections to explore challenges such as formulating your unique selling proposition, how to localize your appeal, and a host of other practical topics.

10. Enterprise Sales Podcast

Get inspiration, fresh knowledge and practical tips from the finest practitioners in sales. This podcast aggregates the insights and actionable advice of the most influential people in the world of selling. Learn how to make the most compelling email, design the most effective funnel for your unique sales cycle, or pull off the most productive cold calls in your team.

11. Entrepreneur on Fire – EOF

Hosted by entrepreneur and Iraq War veteran John Lee Dumas, this “Best of iTunes” podcast features luminaries such as Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss, sharing their experiences and insights about success, failure and achievement. Listen as the finest entrepreneurs describe their journeys including their most celebratory and painful moments.

12. Get In the Door

Host Steve Kloyda is known in the selling circle as “The Prospecting Expert” and has been refining the customer engagement process for more than three decades. Listen to his personal stories and tips on how to find potential clients and fill your pipeline with qualified leads. For any salesperson who finds it difficult to start and build new relationships, this podcast offers a ton of practical advice.

13. Grow My Revenue Business Cast

Find inspiration, discover tactics and enjoy light entertainment as best-selling author and business guru chats with industry leaders to give you actionable insights on how to improve selling performance, drive innovation, and blaze a path towards leadership. Understand sales stages better and streamline your funnel. Learn more about sales scripts, social selling, and other hot topics.

14. Growth Everywhere

  • Producer/Host: Single Grain/Eric Siu
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud
  • Average Duration: varies from less than 15 minutes to slightly more than 1 hour

Growth Everywhere interviews marketeers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to reveal the strategies and tactics they use to hurdle obstacles and achieve their goals. Hosted by Single Grain’s Eric Siu, the podcast offers hundreds of episodes from where you can learn more about a wide range of stuff from split testing, SEO, growth hacking, and the latest sales tools.

15. In The Arena Podcast

  • Producer/Host: The Sales Blog/Anthony Iannarino
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 10-45 mins.

Hosted by entrepreneur and sales coach Anthony Iannarino, this podcast features bestselling authors, top sales practitioners, and thought leaders reexamining different aspects of selling and sharing their unique insights to listeners. Learn how to develop a winning mindset, formulate an effective strategy, and build habits that help you consistently deliver high value.

16. Linking Into Sales (The Social Selling Podcast)

  • Producer/Host: Martin Brossman, Greg Hyer, and Elyse Archer
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 20 mins. to 1 hour

Three experts on leadership, sales and social selling join forces to give you first class access to strategies, stories and insights that will help you upgrade your selling performance and significantly improve all the metrics that matter to your business. Get tips on social media marketing, lead generation, closing tactics and other key processes.

17. Make It Happen Mondays

  • Producer/Host: JBarrows Sales Training/John Barrows
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 25-50 mins.

John Barrows has been there and done that. Having led successful sales teams across industries for nearly two decades, John provides sales training services for crack teams at Autodesk, Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and other top-notch clients. John and his guests trade secrets and performance hacks that can lift your sales career ever higher. Topics include sales cycle, cold-calling, negotiating, and closing.

18. Predictable Prospecting

Hosted by systems engineer-turned sales engagement expert Marylou Tyler, Predictable Prospecting explores challenges, issues, and smart solutions in lead generation, social selling, and pipeline management. Tyler invites industry leaders to share their experiences and practical advice on these topics and more.

19. Real Sales Talk

  • Producer/Host: Sean Mitchell and Phill Keene
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 5-60 mins. (varies widely)

Hear top influencers and thought leaders share best practices, techniques and strategies that drive optimal sales performance. Listen to their personal stories and get a clearer look into different issues and challenges sales professionals commonly encounter. Learn about new tools, frameworks and resources that will help streamline your sales process and generate more revenue.

20. Sales Gravy

  • Producer/Host: Jeb Blount
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 5-60+ mins. (varies widely)

Bestselling author, speaker and consultant Jeb Blount talks about high-performance selling, customer experience, strategic account management, team building and skills training. Get actionable advice on how to close bigger deals more frequently and on a consistent basis. Whether an episode stretches for just a minute or extends beyond an hour, this podcast offers tidbits of actionable wisdom that will elevate your sales performance.

21. Sales Funnel Radio

Steve Larsen runs the Sales Funnel Broker website which helps online businesses sell more by giving away free sales funnels. Listen to his podcast and learn how to automate your marketing efforts to drive revenue.

22. Sales Influence – Why People Buy

  • Producer/Host: Sellinger Group/Victor Antonio
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM
  • Average Duration: usually 7-15 mins, sometimes 20-60 mins

In a buyer-centric landscape, having a deep understanding of consumer behavior is a priceless skill. Hone yours via this podcast from Sellinger Group. The episodes are hosted by author, coach, and sales authority Victor Antonio.

23. Sales Manager Playbook

  • Producer/Host: LeadFuze/Michael Lambourne
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 10 mins to 30 mins.

Traffic and conversion expert Michael Lambourne interviews top sales leaders to share useful and practical advice on how to build a winning sales team. Packaged into bite-sized episodes of less than 30 minutes, the podcast gives away tips on a wide range of topics including sales enablement tools, compensation, customer success, and business communication.

24. Sales Pipeline Radio

  • Producer/Host: Heinz Marketing/Matt Heinz
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 20 mins to 30 mins

Award-winning blogger and speaker Matt Heinz interviews the brightest minds in business to give you tactical advice on how to grow, nourish and refresh your sales pipeline. Stay up-to-date on sales trends and be on top of issues such as account-based marketing, key pipeline metrics, demand generation, and sales effectiveness.

25. Sales Secrets Podcast (The Playmaker)

If you seek new selling tricks, game-changing technologies, and performance-boosting hacks, this podcast should satisfy your appetite. Hosted by Gabe Larsen, the podcast is designed to help sales professionals discover cutting edge tools and emerging best practices for optimizing business outcomes. Expect sales luminaries to grace many episodes as resource guests.

26. Sales Success Stories Podcast

Veteran B2B sales executive Scott Ingram talks with industry leaders, business luminaries and top sales performers to pin down the key insights, techniques, mindset and habits required to deliver excellence. Sales Success Stories has been purpose-built for salespeople who are out in the field and manning the trenches. Learn how the best practitioners and performers design and execute winning strategies.

27. Sales Tip a Day

Chris Hamilton provides a perfect channel for busy sales professionals who consider hour-long podcasts to be too much of a stretch. With episodes of less than 10 minutes each, Sales Tip a Day presents a nugget of actionable selling wisdom that you can readily execute to hone your workflow, generate leads, or close deals.

28. Sales Tuners

  • Producer/Host: Jim Brown
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 10 mins to 45 mins

Sales coach and Sandler Selling trainer Jim Brown interviews outstanding sales leaders and performers to identify the habits, mindset, and tactics that separate achievement from mediocrity. Learn how successful people advance their careers, improve their performance and grow their businesses.

29. Sell or Die

  • Producer/Host: Jennifer Gluckow and Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Links: iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM
  • Average Duration: 8-50 mins.

Learn and develop the habits, strategies and mindset of superachievers. LinkedIn and networking expert Jennifer Gluckow joins forces with bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer to probe the minds and hearts of outstanding business leaders to reveal success-driving secrets. From character development to sales skills training, this podcast aims for nothing less than to push you to the limit.

30. Selling With Social

Selling With Social serves Sales, Marketing and Sales Operations Leaders. Get ready to get your sales strategies cranking to a higher level. Mario and his guests discuss and share information, sales tactics and techniques and motivational thoughts to help the community to develop and implement sales strategies to grow the sales pipeline.

31. Social Triggers Insider

Ramp up the bottom line by mastering the fields of pyschology and behavioral economics. In Social Trigger Insider, Derek Halpern interviews prominent thinkers, performers, and business personalities to deconstruct what it really takes to grow your sales revenue. Understand your customers’ purchasing behavior and learn how to design and execute responsive marketing tactics.

32. Stories From The Sales Floor

Informative and entertaining, Stories from the Sales Floor is hosted by PersistIQ head of Growth Brandon Redlinger and Datanyze Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Ben Sardella. In each episode, they are joined by other sales luminaries like Mark Hunter, Sean Sheppard, Steli Efti, Dave Stein and Jill Rowley. Learn how high-performing outliers nabbed their biggest deals and the best advice they’ll give to aspiring sales professionals.

33. The Art of Charm

From Tony Hawk to Tim Ferriss and from Angela Duckworth to Olivia Fox, thought leaders from different fields share their experiences, realizations and secrets on The Art of Charm podcast. Discover the fascinating intersections of behavioral economics, cognitive psychology and social science and their impact on your career, business and lifestyle. Learn skills, attitudes, and tactics to become the very best version of yourself.

34. The #AskGaryVee Show

  • Producer/Host: Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM
  • Average Duration: varies widely from less than 10 mins to more than an hour

Serial entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and online influencer Gary Vaynerchuk shares his experiences, insight, and conversations with other thought leaders on growth marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, self improvement, and social media.

35. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

  • Producer/Host: B2B Revenue Inc./Brian Burns
  • Links: iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 20 mins to 60 mins

Get a dose of B2B selling advice from the world’s best selling practitioners. Learn expert tips on cold calling, Saas messaging, social media interactions, spin selling, and other topics. Host Brian Burns has been in the industry for more than two decades and is known for reverse-engineering closed deals. He’ll share his tried and tested approaches in streamlining sales cycles, optimizing customer behavior, and ramping up revenues.

36. The Intrepid Entrepreneur/Channel Mastery

The Intrepid Entrepreneur ceased publishing new episodes in 2017 when Kristin Carpenter-Ogden decided to transition the podcast into Channel Mastery. Still, even the older episodes offer a treasure trove of insight, ideas, and inspiration for business, marketing, and sales professionals. Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is the founder of Verde Brand Communications.

37. The Quotable Podcast

  • Producer/Host: Salesforce/Kevin Micalizzi, Philip Cleary, Lynne Zaledonis, and more
  • Links: Website, iTunes
  • Average Duration: Less than 25 min.

Quotable is a digital magazine featuring proven selling advice to inspire and empower sales leaders, managers, and reps, and those who support them. Created by Salesforce.

38. The Sales Acceleration Show (Playmaker)

  • Producer/ Larsen and Steve Eror
  • Links: Website, Stitcher, iTunes
  • Average Duration: 20 mins to 1 hour

InsideSales executives Steve Eror and Gabe Larsen interview industry experts to describe and explore new selling trends, challenges and solutions. Learn how best to execute your closing script. Discover how to break revenue plateaus. Know which selling tools will be right for your team. Get valuable insight on demand generation, account management and the sales process.

39. The Sales Babble Podcast

Professional sales coach Pat Helmers talks with experts around the world to explore issues, problems, and solutions for tech startups. Get fresh advice that will enable you to examine your situation from an entirely different vantage point. Listen to the Sales Babble podcast to get actionable tips on prospecting, mindset formulation, referral sales and powerful pitching.

40. The Sales Engagement Podcast

The Sales Engagement podcast focuses on helping you engage your customers and prospects in the modern sales era. Hosted by Outreach VP of Marketing Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Mark Kosoglow, and Senior Content Managing Editor Joe Vignolo, this show features real-life stories and best practices from revenue leaders doing the job day in and day out, in a casual, talk-radio-style show.

41. The Sales Evangelist Podcast

This podcast has recently achieved a milestone: the release of its 1000th episode right at the onset of 2019. It boasts an eclectic mix of industry trends, inspiring stories and practical advice for self-motivated sales professionals. Speaker, consultant and podcast host Donald Kelly interviews experts in the fields of business, sales and marketing who share timely advice and surprising insights that might well take your selling performance to the next level.

42. The Sales Excellence Podcast

The ‘Sales Excellence Podcast’, is dedicated to showcase professionals, who are obsessed with creating a sales excellence culture. Our aim is to show how some of the leading technology companies, are using purpose driven sales enablement strategies. Specifically, to win more customers and drive higher revenues.

43. The Sales Hacker Podcast

  • Producer/Host: Sales Hacker/Sam Jacobs
  • Links: iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average duration: Usually around 50 mins.

The Sales Hacker Podcast is carefully designed to give you tangible, practical insights about B2B sales. Every Tuesday, top VPs of Sales, investors, and founders will gather ‘round the sales roundtable to break down sales strategies, make you think, and help you deliver a gut punch to your sales goals!

Now, we’ve added a shorter Friday Fundamentals episode each week as well. Learn actionable selling techniques, tips, and brush up on important basic processes every Friday with Sam and his guests.

44. The Sales Podcast (The Sales Whisperer)

  • Producer/Host: The Sales Whisperer/Wes Schaeffer
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 40 mins to 80 mins

This podcast covers a full range of topics from inbound sales, online marketing campaigns, entrepreneurship, sales process automation, overcoming adversity, and social media selling. Hosted by Wes Schaeffer, the podcast features luminaries like sales training expert Jill Konrath and Navy Seal operator Joel Lambert.

45. The Salesman Podcast

Learn more about the role of behavioral psychology, social influence and body language in sales. In this podcast, Will Barron talks not only with startup CEOs and sales coaches but also with university professors and neuropsychologists. Discover why the wrong beliefs about money can hold back financial success. Improve your prospecting skills by learning new tricks from veteran practitioners. Learn how to implement gamification to improve team performance.

46. The Smart Sales Pro Podcast

How do you make the perfect pitch? How can social selling improve your metrics? What are the most important elements of account management? Get the answers and more by listening to the Smart Sales Pro podcast. Hosted by Michael Mason, the show offers a ton of info for all types of sales professionals — from reps to coaches. Be inspired while learning about new sales tools and approaches that can help you exceed your quota or improve your performance.

47. The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast

Discover new selling tactics and hear unusual but inspiring stories from sales professionals like you. Hosted by Steli Efti of, this podcast tackles the tricky issues pervading the rapidly shifting world of selling, and the clever ways outstanding sellers overcome adversity and achieve their goals. Learn smarter ways of prospecting. Build longer-lasting customer relationships. Adopt the right response for each of your client’s behavioral triggers.

48. The Ziglar Show

  • Producer/Host: Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller
  • Links: Website, iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 20-80 mins. (varies widely)

Developed as a tribute to the legacy of sales legend Zig Ziglar, this podcast provides a fountain of motivation, especially for sellers reeling from the challenges of the trade. Hosts Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller usually launch episodes based on a specific observation or philosophy of sales guru Zig Ziglar, tackling subjects ranging from the benefits of meditation to effective storytelling. This one focuses less on the technical side of sales, and more on the people in the business.

49. This is Your Life

  • Producer/Host: Michael Hyatt
  • Links: iTunes, Stitcher
  • Average Duration: 40 mins.

Bestselling author and publishing executive Michael Hyatt shares his experiences and insights in this highly-acclaimed podcast on purposeful leadership. If your goal is to become the best version of yourself, then devour this weekly podcast as regularly as you can. Topics include accountability, focus, work-life balance and how to develop a magnetic personality.

50. Young Hustlers

How to immediately increase sales … building your pitch … aligning the sales and business cycles. These are just some of the practical topics covered by this highly rated podcast. Hosted by bestselling author Grant Cardone and his millennial protege Jarrod Glandt, Young Hustlers focuses on topics that matter to the new generations of sales professionals.



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