How Dungeons & Dragons and Pokemon Moved Me Up and Out of My SDR Role


No one wants to talk to a sales robot… Let’s be honest, most people don’t want to talk to any salespeople. But a one-dimensional salesperson whose whole life is sales is even worse.

A healthy work-life balance, along with hobbies and interests outside of work will only make you a better salesperson. Join AJ in his sessions as he helps you find balance in your life: how to use the skills and talents you cultivate outside of work to take your sales game to new heights!

AJ Alonzo – Director of Marketing at DemandDrive


  • Why is work-life balance important? [0:40]
  • Is there such a thing as a work life balance that’s too healthy? [8:10]
  • Do you have an unhealthy work-life balance? [11:12]
  • Overcoming the feeling that SDR role isn’t for you [14:20]
  • How to move up in your SDR roll [14:56]
  • How can Pokemon enhance skills in account research? [20:27]
  • SDR and Marketing skills attributes in Dungeons & Dragons [28:09]
  • What are your hobbies and how can they translate to your professional role? [31:47]
  • Sales isn’t B2B or B2C, it’s H2H [35:04]
  • How to prolong your call with prospects [47:18]
  • Practices to value quality over quantity in marketing quotas [48:30]
  • How to not think about your work day if you are working from home [49:47]

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