What’s Fundamentally Different About Sales in 2021?


Plenty of sales best practices still apply post-COVID, but in this panel, we want to dig into: what’s fundamentally different about sales? Sam Jacobs from Revenue Collective talks to revenue leaders about what’s worked for their respective orgs, how they’re adjusting their leadership in 2021 and if their philosophy for sales has shifted.

From simplifying your message to focusing on mental health, these revenue leaders cover what it means to be a successful salesperson and how to take care of people in 2021.



Amy Slater – Global Vice President of Palo Alto Networks

Sarah Kennedy Ellis – VP, Global Growth & Demand at Google Cloud

Steven Bryerton – VP of Sales at ZoomInfo

Mark Kosoglow – VP of Sales at Outreach

Travis Henry – Sr. Manager, SDR Ops & Enablement at Snowflake


  • 2021 is all about connectedness and collaboration [3:58]
  • How to put your team in a position to win more often [6:38]
  • Simplifying your GTM message is a good idea, this year more than ever [9:43]
  • What executive communication looks like now [14:00]
  • Selling is important; mental health is more important [16:38]
  • New metrics for measuring performance [21:05]
  • Is the profile of a successful sales rep changing? [22:44]
  • What remote sales enablement looks like at ZoomInfo [26:52]
  • Marketing planning in uncertain times [31:28]
  • Change in prospect behavior [38:54]
  • Cultivating managers to be effective with remote sellers [42:21]

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