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Building Rainmakers Through The Sales Development Process

Sales Development

*Editors Note: Recaps and slide decks from the Sales Hacker Series – Hacking Lead Gen in Atlanta are brought to you by Greg Klingshirn, the Content Marketing Manager at SalesLoft, one of the fastest growing start-ups in Georgia. His goal is to plan and create content to make sales professional’s jobs more productive and enjoyable. 

This session is titled Building Rainmakers Through The Sales Development Process by Sean Kester, Director of Sales Development, SalesLoft.

While Sean studied as a landscape architect major at UGA, he realized his true passion was sales. In his first interview with SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter, Sean was denied the position. He rallied and was hired six months later to become SalesLoft’s first Sales Development Representative.

SalesLoft strives to be the application of record for the sales development process, and as the first rep, Sean helped mold the process.

The basis of a sales development is specialization. Dividing your sales team into prospectors who set appointments and demos and account executives who close deals make the sales process more efficient.

Sean sees this as three specific roles. The inbound rep, the outbound rep, and the closer. Within sales development, process is the ultimate focus. It’s about making sure your reps get the most responses from prospects. Sean uses a 7×7 strategy at SalesLoft, hitting 7 touches (via email or phone) over seven days.

There are 6 basic ways to become a sales development champion:

1. Be an expert in your craft

2. Ask the hard, off-the-wall questions

3. Listen

4. Timing is everything

5. Use professional-ish creativity

6. Provide value

One of the most common questions is, “Now that I have all this data, what should I do with it?”

The data should be easily integrated into your outreach or in Sean’s case, his 7×7. It’s been working so well they recently productized it and named it Cadence.


Q. Ratios of inbound vs. outbound?

A. 1:4 currently at Sean’s company.

Q. Customization vs. template?

A. Name, industry, title, and goal are four of the best things to customize.

Q. Number of leads for outbound reps?

A. 50 per day, and on average 2 demos per day and 50 per month.

Q. How do you pass between SDRs and closers?

A. Make them feel special. Upgrade leads to “prospecting experts” who can explain more in a demo.

Sales Hacker Series Atlanta was Sponsored by SalesLoftAtlanta Tech Village, and Atlanta Ventures.

Sean is currently the VP of Product Strategy at SalesLoft. As an early stage product leader for SalesLoft, the application of record for the sales development team, he is driven by the desire to impact the lives of sales development professionals.