How the Buyer is Bringing RevOps to the Forefront with Hang Black


Sales Hacker’s new podcast — Revenue Innovators — is coming to your eyes and ears this summer!

Your hosts are none other than Outreach’s Mary Shea (VP, Global Innovation Evangelist) and Harish Mohan (SVP, Revenue Excellence & Operations).

Why call it Revenue Innovators? Mary Shea defines this term in her recent article Unleash: A New Cohort of Revenue Innovators Comes of Age:

noun — a new cohort of revenue leaders who put buyers at the center of their strategies, who arm their sellers with the most innovative sales technologies, and who over-index on data, rather than intuition to inform their business decisions.

Mary and Harish are going to talk to a diverse range of innovative revenue leaders, from a wide span of industries, about the evolution of the buyer-centric market.

Keep your eyes on our Revenue Operations Channel for the latest updates on the show launch!

In the meantime, they’re getting the conversation started with a handful of experts to learn about how they’re thinking about RevOps and the larger RevOps economy.

Today, we’re excited to share highlights from our interview with Hang Black, VP of Global Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks.

She recently published a book: Embrace Your Edge: Pave Your Own Path as an Immigrant Woman in the Workplace. Be sure to check it out!

Now, please enjoy this interview with Hang!


  • Who is Hang Black? [1:05]
  • A common misconception about RevOps: people think it’s figured out [2:20]
  • Obstacles that are slowing companies from embracing RevOps [2:55]
  • Changes in the market that are bringing RevOps to the forefront [4:00]
  • How do we engage, from beginning to end, where the customers are living? [5:30]
  • RevOps needs to allow for random entry and exit points. [5:55]
  • How RevOps impacts the future of sales and marketing alignment through effectiveness and efficiency [6:37]
  • What’s the role of Sales Enablement vs. Sales Ops in enacting RevOps? Sales Ops is the underlay and Sales Enablement is the overlay. [7:15]
  • The only thing “normal” is change. The companies that will excel are the ones who can look around corners and prepare for tomorrow. [8:52]

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