Untangling the Mess of a 20-Year-Old CRM

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As rough as it sounds to untangle the mess of a 20+ year old CRM, the change management work can be even more of a challenge than the technical side. For companies ready to make an evolutionary change versus an incremental growth change, it’s going to take a complete revision of how to position, equip, and unify sellers into a true RevOps function.

Today, TJ Macke, SVP Strategy at Sapper Consulting, LLC, joins the show to help us cut through the glut of technology to know exactly how to deliver what a buyer needs when they need it.

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Join us as we discuss:

  • The messy, difficult process of updating your legacy CRM
  • Necessary mind shifts around change management and leadership
  • The risk/ambition continuum in sales tech
  • Why RevOps must unify the buying and selling journeys

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