The Sales Hacker Code of Conduct

Welcome! We want your experience in the Sales Hacker community to be life-changing. Please take a moment to read these guidelines, so you can get the most out of being a part of this incredible community.

Sales Hacker is the smartest community for B2B Sales professionals on the planet. Our mission is to help every Sales professional get better at their job by doing it smarter.

We do that by publishing industry-leading content on the blog, podcast, video series, and webinars — and by providing this comprehensive peer-learning community where you can discuss ideas, ask questions, and engage with other sales professionals like you.

The Ground Rules

Sales Hacker is an inclusive community, where everyone can feel welcome and safe. We want every member to know the power of their words, and to feel the joy and responsibility that comes with that power.

This responsibility includes a few important mandates, below. Members who break these rules may have their posts or comments deleted, be immediately suspended. If the behavior repeats, it may result in a permanent ban.

  1. Give more than you take.

Our mission is to support you on your journey as a Sales professional. One of the most important ways we do that is by giving you a voice — a place to share your ideas, ask questions, and find answers.

Our collective personal and professional growth requires that we work together to build the highest quality Sales community possible. Please do your part to maintain a quality environment by striving to give more than you take.

Rather than worrying about what you can get from the community or how you can leverage it for your own gain, focus on generously sharing your knowledge and experience.

  1. No abuse, harassment, or disrespect.

Everyone is welcome here. Abuse, harassment, and microaggressions are not — in annotations, discussions, webinars, or private messages.

If you ever feel abused or harassed, or witness such behavior, please flag the item immediately, or report it to a Sales Hacker staff member at

  1. No spam, promotion, or selling.

This community is a safe place for learning, growing, and sharing. It’s a place where you can be vulnerable and transparent. That’s not possible if members attempt to use it to sell.

Do not create posts that promote your solutions or solutions with which you’re affiliated.

  1. Respect people’s privacy.

Members may not ask for introductions or research email addresses and phone numbers. Don’t talk about other people or disclose others’ private information and data.

Members are also not permitted to use information shared on Sales Hacker to sell to other members via other channels. If you witness that behavior, please report it.

  1. Debate ideas, not people.

In pursuit of our mission, we allow controversial ideas to be posted, but we expect informed and thoughtful responses from our community members.

Attacking the person behind the idea does nothing to benefit yourself, or anybody else in the community. You are welcome to present opposing viewpoints, opinions or data.

You can expect that your own viewpoints may sometimes be challenged, but never that you yourself will be attacked.

  1. Avoid inflammatory topics.

Don’t drag politics, religion, or similar topics into your discussions. Accept that we all have different beliefs, and enjoy the diversity that brings to our community.

Here’s how to get the most from the community:

  • Action – Be active. Ask questions. Answer other people’s questions. Get involved. Don’t just read. Do. Test new ideas. Share your experiences.
  • Mutual Support – Don’t just go it alone. Let’s grow together. This is a positive and encouraging group, where you can get whatever support you need.
  • Depth and transparency – There’s no need to posture or pretend. Here, you can be real. The only way we can grow and create impact is if we’re honest about our challenges, issues, wins and our failures.
  • Continual growth – We should never feel we’ve “arrived.” There’s always more to learn. There’s always a new way to do things.

By asking questions and joining discussions, you can provide support and help one another grow. By being transparent in sharing your experiences (good and bad), we can get past the surface-level ideas you see in most blogs and books.

Going deep to solve problems together helps us all grow and develop as sales professionals. And it’s what sets this community apart.

Community Values

These are the values we live by at Sales Hacker, and we expect all members to behave according to these principles within the Sales Hacker community. When we all act on these shared values, this community will flourish.


We are honest with ourselves and each other. If we aren’t honest about where we are now, we cannot learn and grow together.

Hungry Craftsperson

We all view ourselves as craftspeople, and we’re here to grow and improve our craft. We believe nobody has all the answers, and we’re all served by humility and dedication to improvement.


We know it sometimes takes many attempts to be successful. We commit to success even when our chips are down.

Diversity & Inclusion

We can only grow together when we consider new ideas and perspectives. For the community to be valuable, we can never become an echo chamber. Different opinions and ideas are more than welcome – they are necessary.

Note – this doesn’t mean all ideas and viewpoints are correct. Only that they are welcome, and we benefit when we consider them all.

Having Each Other’s Backs

Nobody is here to antagonize anybody else. Just the opposite. When our fellow Sales Hacker community members succeed, we succeed with them. We all win and lose together. No one member is more important than the group.

One With the Customer

We cannot succeed in sales if we are not empathetic with our customers. We do not look down on or think negatively of our customers. We are here to help solve their problems, and we take responsibility for their success.


While this community has your back, only you can fully own your journey. Your progress (and the value you get out of this community) will be as great as the thought and effort you put into it.

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