High-performing sales leaders are like winning coaches that use data to call exactly the right play at exactly the right time, while simultaneously trusting their instinct when it comes to delivering the pitch-perfect halftime speech. 

As professionals, we're immersed in data; as people, we're wired with instinct. Knowing when to turn to which resource is the key to repeatable success. 

In this fireside chat, you'll hear how InsightSquared's VP of Sales Steve McKenzie, a sales leader at a fast-growing analytics company and the son of a professional sports player, blends the two to drive revenue growth and accelerate team performance.


How to Combine Data with Intuition to Close More Sales

  • How to determine when to rely on data and when to rely on instinct and experience
  • How data can validate instinct and accelerate decision-making
  • How to combine data with instinct and avoid making a "zero sum" mistake
  • The data Steve checks every day for business growth and team management

What you'll learn

VP of Sales


Meet the Speakers

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services

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Steve McKenzie

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