My SaaS journey: CS -> AE ->Sales Manager ->VP Sales ->Board Member-> Founder

|Advisor to B2B SaaS startups | Angel Investor | Bullish about Global SaaS | Here to share Seed to scale 🚀 hyper-growth experience & learnings

DM me if you would like to chat about:
➡️ Scaling a SaaS business from Zero to 50Mn ARR+
➡️ Building a high performing distributed Go To Market team.
➡️ Build in Asia and sell to global markets.
➡️ Setting up and scaling your sales team, processes and sales playbooks.
➡️ Pipeline acceleration, Revenue Operations, Sales enablement, productivity and Remote selling.
➡️ Optimizing your sales and marketing tech stack.
➡️ APAC business expansion.
➡️ Startup Fundraise.
➡️ Anything on SaaS or its future.

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