How to document RevOps processes?

We are in the phase of starting to implement RevOps on a small scaleup.
Do you have any guides, tools, tips you'd recommend to start learning more about how to document these processes?


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      4 months, 1 week ago

      Hi Adriana,

      RevOps is a broad category that encompasses the following:

      + The digital human and nonhuman interactions taking place between buyers and providers along the buyer’s journey,
      + Analyzing and applying the data to drive a range of revenue optimization activities. the category shares

      It’s a hot but saturated segment. Overlapping functionality with other categories is creating confusion among buyers.

      What are your objectives?

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      4 months, 1 week ago

      Hey Adriana!

      I would recommend Clari-they can definitely help with setting up a better RevOps process.

      I would also look at the RevOps co-op to connect with a lot of RevOps pros that you can bounce ideas off of.

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      Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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      4 months ago

      The fact that you’re event thinking about documentation means you’re doing much better than most teams out there. So good on you!

      Don’t overcomplicate documentation initially. Just make sure that your stakeholders have free and easy access to the documentation, and that you have a method of capturing feedback. You can evolve your documentation methods for your rev ops processes over time as needed. No need to jump straight to the best solution right from the get.

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