Do any SDRs run 'autopsy reports' on lost accounts?

As an SDR, if one of my accounts was labeled 'closed lost I would reach out to my POC and ask them about the sales process (after checking with my AE, of course).

- What could we have done differently to earn their business?
- Is there a feature we were lacking that they needed?
- Is it just a timing thing?

It helped me uncover a lot of competitive info, anecdotal data, industry trends, etc.

But a lot of reps I talk with claim that it's "a job for marketing" or "my manager/AE handles that."

I think it's a missed opportunity, they don't think it's something worth doing.

Do you/your SDRs run their own autopsy reports? Is management encouraging reps to do so? What do they look like?

I'd love to make this common practice!

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    • Profile picture of Joe Latchaw
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      5 days ago

      In a previous business, we used to put these in a ‘second look’ bucket. As I got some time to do a deeper dive into topics like you mentioned. We didn’t have hard metrics on success, but I would say probably 1 out of every 15 gave us a chance to earn their business back. I feel it is a great practice if you have time to dedicate to it or this would be a great task for someone who you are bringing up under your wing.

      Hope this helps AJ!

    • Profile picture of Graeme Gilovitz
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      2 days, 10 hours ago

      It’s a great idea @ajalonzo
      It really depends on the size of the account and the reason for closed lost
      We started to implement a Closed Lost Debreif on specific cases – the VP of Sales and myself SDR Director looked at the entire process – listened to SDR calls and qualification, all calls and emails between AE and Customer
      Then held a roundtable discussion – not to point fingers but learn from the mistakes
      in some cases I will even call the customer as a “member of the deal review committee” seeking feedback

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