More live phone conversations?

This question was brought up on my team recently, and I wanted to tap the SH community for help. Outside of simply making more dials, what are you/your reps doing to get more live phone conversations? Some things we talked about internally are:

- Seeing when someone opens your email and calling them back at that moment - higher chance they're at their desk/by their phone.
- Looking at tools to help make bulk calls & drop VMs, and connect when someone picks up (ConnectAndSell, PhoneBurner, etc.)
- Working from the bottom up and talking with lower-level stakeholders before calling the ultimate decision-maker.

Would love some input/advice from the community!

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      5 days, 2 hours ago

      Not actively trying to dodge your question here, AJ, but as a millennial with a budget, I would rather have a live conversation over text than answer my phone. Or maybe Slack or LinkedIn message…

      Doesn’t apply to everybody, though, of course!

      I think you’re right to focus on automating what you can with dialers/VM drops, so XDRs can focus on calling into accounts with good intent and a relevant reason to speak with their buyers, though.

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