Biggest challenge as a manager?

I'm curious to know what has been the biggest challenge you've ever faced as a manager. I'd say an obvious answer might be laying off people as you basically have to at some point in your career but in my case, I thought it was the hardest until I faced a bigger one. My biggest challenge was acknowledging I failed in my last job as a manager, and dealing with it.

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    • Good question, Alejando. For me, it was not realizing that one of my direct reports was so stressed that she ended up exploding in a meeting and hurting her own career at the company in the process. In trying to help her fix the situation, I realized very quickly that the damage was done, and I’d failed her. I wrote her an excellent referral, she found another job, and I lost a very good employee.

      • Thank you for sharing that @sandelliott. I can relate to it, I too had an employee that basically destroyed her career only she didn’t explode in a meeting. I still think I could have helped her more really.

    • I think for me, the hardest is failing a rep. We work so hard for the people we manage because we honestly want to see them succeed. For me, the hardest thing is having to let an individual go because for whatever reason I couldn’t get through the blockers and guide them to success. It happens. Everyone is isn’t a fit for every role. But it’s very hard to feel like you failed someone.

      • I absolutely understand what you mean @asiagladden. It’s always been a challenge for me as a manager, and it took me quite a lot of my early years to figure out a way to shield myself from that, which is al you can really do…

    • My downfall is reporting. I have always struggled with reporting numbers. I am really trying to correct that by working with my current manager on some common measurements, but to this day I am still not confident in this area.

      • @jlatchaw85 I’m an Excel guy so reporting, yet I’m also challenged there for another reason: I struggle when I need to explain to someone the reports / dashboards / analysis I need to see so I end up building them msyelf. Not a best practice for sure!

    • Thanks for the question. The biggest challenge I have had this year is in not having a next role available for my reps to move into after doing well as a sales development rep. We, unfortunately, had some leadership changes and a reorg that resulted in some workforce reductions and uncertainty of when opportunities will open up for them to get promoted. As a result, I have lost two of my top performing reps in the past month to other companies for better roles. This is extremely challenging because what we do is extremely complex and takes a long time, 3 months, to get a rep with no experience and ramped up. as a SDR manager, the three focus areas I hone in on are business professionalism, sales and data management (what we do as a company). To see top reps leave as a result of no inside sales role is extremely challenging because we have all done what we needed to but the timing and opportunities are not there.

      • Hey @the_envisioneer! I never went through something like this before to be honest, the pandemic is really challenging us all. I can relate though, to losing top talent because there is simply no better jobs for my reps within the same company. Totally get it. Hang on in there!

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