828 Hours >>> Only 25 working days until christmas!!

How is everyone preparing their workload and trying to push their leads through to qualified wins before the end of year?

It's such a tricky time of year for sales people, as holidays are taken here-there-and-everywhere, making it virtually impossible to be someones priority.

How do you stay in someones mind?

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    • Great question! Lots of ideas that i’ve seen circulate in the past suggest gifts and direct mail, which personally i think is a great idea for being a constant reminder to your prospect – BUT i come from the finance side of things!

      Speculate to accumulate is obviously very true, but we perhaps need to have a rating for customers/prospects so that we’re not throwing money away on prospects that we don’t see a win with.

      How do you fairly do this?

    • Let me throw in an idea. Its the time of giving. If its an existing customer what data/ usage metrics /quotes from users can you share with the buyer/influencer to make them look good ?

      • Customer testimonials are huge and are so easy to get – even if you’re simply monitoring your social media to see what’s being said… How are you suggesting you use these during the holidays?

        • A thank you note that just compiles some of the positive quotes from the past year. And how thankful you are to be working with said customer. its a fact + its positive + Something that user can share with her/his management when speaking about the relationship

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