Does our profession have a mental health problem? I say, hell yes. What say you?

Sellers are THREE times more likely to struggle with mental health symptoms than the average American.

2 in 5 sellers struggled with mental health in 2019, and these numbers were from last year.

What do you think that means for sellers now that the national average is 33%?

Much of this is due to the nature of our profession, but it’s made worse because most sellers today operate in toxic work environments.

So, yes, it’s time to start a conversation about mental health on your sales team.

^ Intro to my new Sales Hacker article The Greatest Competitive Advantage You’ll Ever Know: Mental Health. It gets real, all. Check it out.

I'd love to hear some other stories too. What have you experienced?


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    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 5.2k POINTS )
      1 week, 3 days ago

      Hi Amy!
      Yes, I feel that there is a lot of issues because of the toxic work environments!
      While it may not be toxic for everyone, if it is toxic for just one, then it is still wrong.
      Work is hard, but some of the things that we have to put up with in sales is not only wrong, besides being toxic, I am pretty sure some of the things we have witnessed, have also been illegal.
      Nobody should have to stay, but we do because for some reason, we feel guilty because we are having a problem (that not everybody sees or experiences) , we can’t fix it, we don’t want to leave our friends, we don’t want to leave our customers, and perhaps the money is good for a while, or we like our job?)
      There does need to be resources or groups that people can go to for advice without retaliation.
      Looking back, at some of the jobs in sales: The job description SHOULD have said this:
      1. Must be cray-cray.
      2. Must be dishonest.
      3. Must be willing to look the other way.
      4. Open to abuse. All kinds.
      5. Love being cussed at.
      6. Okay with being ridiculed.
      7. Comfortable with being strung–along

      I could go on forever, but hopefully you see my point.
      I know people in other positions experience this to, or maybe I have just experienced more than most.
      Anyway, it is not cool, for anybody to experience this kind of garbage.

      Thank you for this Amy! @amyhre



      • Profile picture of Amy Hrehovcik
        ( 1.5k POINTS )
        1 week, 2 days ago

        I feel you, Macky. Sometimes sales cultures can get very ugly. Best to exit the places you described as quickly as humanly possible.

        AND definitely head on over to https://www.repvue.com/ The Glassdoor of Sales Cultures. Both to evaluate future options and to report your past experiences… for the people. 😉

    • Profile picture of Bibek Bhandary
      ( 1.2k POINTS )
      1 day, 16 hours ago

      This is absolutely what I have been thinking, Selling is soo much a human function. We are all sellers in some way or the other. It’s just that sales as a profession comes along with its baggage and probably that is why it is intimidating to a lot of people. The same intimidation is carried on by young salespeople. A lot of companies lack proper onboarding and orientation and just expect salespeople to deliver from the very moment they join in. This along with the quotas and targets, deadlines, scrutiny, and creates a lot of pressure on the salespeople. Now don’t get me wrong quotas and deadlines are not wrong, Its the way how it is given.
      I feel the underlying issue is organizations today lack proper communication which corners salespeople and limits them to just being the recipient of pressure and scrutiny.
      I am a firm believer in “Behavioral Sales” which allows flexibility in terms of the mental wellbeing of salespeople without compromising the performance and productivity.

      • Profile picture of Amy Hrehovcik
        ( 1.5k POINTS )
        1 day, 3 hours ago

        Well said, @bibek. Thank you for weighing in.

        There are quite a few factors contributing to the current state of our profession, and by extension, how the public perceives selling and salespeople.

        You are spot on. Poor communication and no/ineffective training are absolutely two major ones. For our purposes, this absolutely entails the lack of training our would-be manager/coaches.

        There’s also some pesky thinking at executive levels that prevent any changes from occuring. E.g. It’s the sellers ONLY that need to “fixed”. Or our technology is so special it will just sell itself. lol Or my personal favorite, we’ve now got this revenue generation thing down to a SCIENCE. AKA selling no longer requires any art, problem-solving, iteration, and or creativity.

        • Profile picture of Bibek Bhandary
          ( 1.2k POINTS )
          14 hours, 15 minutes ago

          Exactly, And all this eventually adds more pressure to the salesperson. The poor soul needs to firefight all the things at the clients’ end along with managing these internal concerns as well. As humans, everyone may not have the ability to manage or handle situations/instances in the same manner. Eventually, it takes a huge hit on mental wellbeing. This in return sabotages the confidence, performance, and productivity.

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