SaaS Hiring - AEs always have to have previous SaaS experience? When did this become a perquisite

It seems that SaaS companies are now only looking for candidates that have previous SaaS experience. When did this all happen? I've worked in both Telephony and Printer as an AE and sold SaaS on a small scale, but am having trouble joining a SaaS company. What are your thoughts on this? When did you have to sell SaaS to sell SaaS? Anything I can do to better position myself? Any suggestions are most welcomed. Thanks!

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    • Hi Andrew,
      I think it is like the “must have a college degree” thing. To cold call people and treat them awesome and solve their problems? No, I don’t believe a degree is needed unless you are working on people and working in the Nuclear industry- something along those lines. They just throw that into the job description because they can. Then the drop down boxes on the ATS application, so it won’t even let you submit your resume.
      I think if you have sold software and other services, you can be up to speed in SaaS in a short while. Sure there are some major differences, but I think if you have been in sales before, it is not going to be a huge learning curve.
      There are some courses, like on Udemy, that will cost you about $20, and that is cool if it is your learning style.
      I would suggest finding some of the leaders in today’s world- they almost always produce content via a blog, or YouTube Channel.
      Google SaaS and get you a document going. You are probably already used to the hip three letter acronyms, like ARR, MRR, ACV, etc., there are a bunch of those.
      There is a really brilliant named TK Kader (on YouTube) that really breaks everything down.
      Give those videos a watch, and do some Google research- you will be up to speed in no time.
      Hang in there, somebody is going to recognize your skills.
      And whatever you choose to do- once you got it- don’t forget to put these new skills on your resume!

      Hope this helps,

      Best wishes!


      • Thanks Macky. I have taken a few Udemy coures and read all the sales books. My thirst for knowledge is never quinched.

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