Does anyone use intent data to drive B2B sales?

Hi there! I've been talking to a friend lately, and we've argued about intent data in B2B sales. I argue that intent data is a foundation of personalized and timely offers. I've improved my outreach campaigns significantly by using AI-driven buyer insights, so I know what I'm talking about. He was more skeptical about this.

I'm wondering what other people think. Do you use intent data to build your campaigns?

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    • Profile picture of Chris DiSanto
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      1 week, 4 days ago

      I actually haven’t heard of intent data before. I know I can look it up but what is it? Any quick abridged definitions anyone can provide?

    • I think you’re missing out if you’re not utilizing intent data. I think there’s a line between not using it at all and using it too much, though.

      I think good uses cases are prioritizing inbound leads based on engagement, nurturing known leads with personalized emails, or identifying potential customers who haven’t yet engaged with you yet.

      Anything you can to do make the customers journey more enjoyable is a W in my books.

      • Love it! Thanks for your thoughts. Or maybe you have any materials or articles on this topic? I would like to learn more about this. Thanks in advance!

    • Profile picture of Fes Askari
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      1 week ago

      @artem007 – not sure if you found more info on this, but here is a link to some of our content on intent:

      https://hubs.ly/H0m8csl0 – case study


      You need to build a framework to activate the intent data into sales & marketing campaigns – that’s often where we see this falling down.

      Hope that helps

    • Profile picture of Melissa Murillo
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      1 week ago

      My team leverages it through Zoominfo but haven’t found as much success as we would like on a 1:1 basis. On the same note, we are using intent data to determine sales & marketing strategy overall. Since Covid started our ICP from a vertical standpoint seems to be a moving target so intent data has helped us to recognize the buyer signals in the market overall.

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