Alternatives to Gong

Hi People I am looking at alternatives to Gong as they are super expensive (even though I love it) and wanted to know if anyone is using Chorus or Clari and how they compare to Gong (not on price as I already know that). PS I am using it for my SDR team.

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      3 months, 2 weeks ago

      If you haven’t already, Graeme, check out Outreach’s offering here – specifically, KAIA is the feature within Outreach that competes directly with Gong and Chorus.

      It’s got all the stuff you’d expect, plus some other nifty features. My favorite is the real-time enablement. So if KAIA recognizes that a customer says “Salesforce CPQ”, it’ll feed a battle card up for your rep in real-time. It’s pretty nice to have recordings and activity all in one place, too.

      If you team up with AE teams, the whole org can open pipeline, coach, manage deals and forecast in one system. Obviously I’m biased here, but lmk if you want to take a look at it and get an idea of pricing.

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      3 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hey Graeme, as an SDR Manager at Outreach I can say that we used to use Gong but switched over to our own internal product. I used gong for a long time at my last role as an SDR Manager 🙂 The real-time call coaching with the OR product has been absolutely clutch in decreasing ramp times, and it can surface meaningful insights to reps like Colin mentioned.

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