I believe in leaving voicemails, but what's the best approach for engagement?

I am of the school that you should leave voicemails - otherwise how would your target know who you are other than an emailer. I am not expecting people to respond but to add context or drive them to engage with the emails I send them.

But i am not satisfied with what we are currently doing.

Does anyone have any good tips on
1) ideal length of message (i believe it should be 20ish seconds otherwise people will delete
2) what to say or not say
3) how to drive best engagement

Open to any and all ideas.

Thanks in advance for sharing

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    • Profile picture of Mark McInnes
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      3 weeks, 6 days ago

      I’ll go first 😎.
      First up – I don’t expect a callback or ask for one. Many people don’t even listen to them so I treat them as part of my cadence knowing that the more touches I have across more channels the more likely they will eventually engage.

      Example VM Script

      You should now have an important executive briefing in your email that I believe will be helpful for your business. I’m calling to try to organise a time to share some of the deeper, more granular detail with you.

      It’s YOUR NAME from ABC Fleet, I’ll try to connect with you again soon (OR) in the next XXX days.

      if it’s not a mobile – leave a number – if it is a mobile they will see your number.

      Would love to hear how you go.


    • Profile picture of Sandeep Gaur
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      3 weeks, 6 days ago

      I think the best way to leave a voicemail is to cut to the chase of your reason to call first up, no beating around the bush. That’ll save you a lot time and will give the person on the other end enough information of your reason to call (Given if they listen to it).
      It should be a split of 15-10, where for 15 you say the reason for call and name and in the last 10 give you call back or email info.
      That’s how I do it and even though there are a not of call backs, people still have a context when I call again.

    • Profile picture of Shubham Sood
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      3 weeks, 6 days ago

      Hey, @aussieg Have you got any replies after leaving voicemails?

      • Profile picture of Graeme Gilovitz
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        3 weeks, 6 days ago

        Yes we do get the occasion one – it really depends if it is outbound or inbound.

        I would say we are getting about 1 per day but that can improved.

        of course whilst it would be great to get people returning our calls, getting them to read and reply to our other touch points is just as critical and I strongly believe that the voicemail makes all the difference in this

        • Profile picture of Shubham Sood
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          2 weeks, 5 days ago

          I personally feel the response rate is even lower Vs the effort put in for leaving vociemails. Hardly worked for me, but still thanks for sharing.
          All the best!

    • Profile picture of Jack Welch
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      3 weeks, 5 days ago

      I also use voicemails as they can really change the dynamic of static text dialogue (or create the one). As Tony Hughes points out in book “COMBO Prospecting” (paraphrasing here) getting your voice into your prospects ear can elevate the conversation and trigger the response. Want to test this? Instead of messaging a 1st level connection on LinkedIn, use your LinkedIn Mobile and look for the “mic” symbol at the bottom of the UI. You may be surprised at what comes back. I’d say 80% positive, 10% luke warm, and 10% probably creeped out as they aren’t used to receiving vmail in LinkedIn. I recently secured a job interview after a stream of txts with no response. I left a short, up beat voicemail (follow Josh Braun’s techniques) and I was booked with recruiting theh next day.

      • Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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        3 weeks, 5 days ago

        Nice! Congrats on the job interview, @jackwelchwr250.

        The LinkedIn voice message was something @morganjingram was super hot on for a while. I still haven’t tried it, and I still haven’t received any voice messages.

        So it’s probably still under-utilized. Good call going where other people aren’t already.

    • Profile picture of Amy Hrehovcik
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      3 weeks, 5 days ago

      Interesting. I’m curious.

      Which is more relevant — what you believe/want OR what the human on the other side of the voicemail wants? No wrong answer obviously.

      If open to exploring the merits of the latter, I suggest a spin through “Kill Reply All: A Modern Guide to Online Etiquette from Social Media to Work to Love” linked below. It contains a very colorful section about voicemails you may find entertaining.

      Hope it helps!

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