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Hey everyone, Happy Friday

Not sure if this has been discussed but will resurface.

I am not happy with the standard SAL count for quota and bonuses where each SAL is worth 1 SAL as it does not compensate SDRs appropriately.

For instance some of my SDRs are chasing SMB, midmarket and others Enterprise and some a mixture.
So how do you differentiate and fairly compensate: point systems? And how?

Love to hear all your ideas

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      1 week, 5 days ago

      @beccholland any advice?

    • Hello Graeme,
      Happy Friday to you as well!
      So here is what I suggest.
      SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise are determined by their monetary value to the company, therefore, the opportunities created should be determined by the same procedure. Enterprise opportunities are worth more, so those should be worth the most, then Mid-Market, and finally SMB.
      So long as it is written and established, this should definitely let your team know you have considered the degree of difficulty involved.
      I would also consider an additional bonus for when the opportunity is moved through the pipeline, as an active lead, then demo stage, etc. being worked by the Sales Rep (and maybe the SDR assisting and learning).
      Finally, a bonus when the deal closes, and again this should be relevant to the size of the deal.
      Let me know what you think?
      Thanks Graeme!

    • @zach would you have any advice here?

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