Which Lead Qualification Framework do you prefer?

Hi all,

I am doing content research around developing an article on the five different lead qualification frameworks, which are -

1. BANT framework
2. CHAMP framework
3. ANUM framework
4. MEDDIC framework
5. GPCTBA/C&I framework

And apart from BANT and ANUM, I don't quite have a lot of ideas around the others. However, I checked David's blog here on MEDDIC, which gave me a fair argument that it too might be a great framework to manage leads and get them close faster.

But I wanted to understand what you all think of all of them and which one you would bank on?

Your inputs will help me learn more about them and create a more in-depth article.

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      2 weeks, 1 day ago

      Depends upon your target customer industry and size.
      For small B2B – BANT Works well.
      For Enterprise – MEDDIC Is the most suitable framework.

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      1 week, 6 days ago

      I can’t speak to any of those acronyms as I’ve never heard of any of those frameworks in 20+ years of sales. Personally, I use an Anchor, Disrupt and Ask format to get my foot in the door. Jeb Blount developed that, and you can find it in his Fanatical Prospecting book (which every salesperson should own) as well as in his Objections book.

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