Are tokens like {{Company}} still effective?

Do prospects find these tokens personalized or are they sniffing out the bs?

Thoughts? Feedback?

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    • Tokens are always effective as part of your personalization journey, but not a deal or rainmaker. I do prefer to use their own jargon even if referering to the company name.

      • Curious what other tokens would you advise to further the personalization journey?

        • – Company short name (as stockmarket) – AMZN for Amazon
          – Nickname instead of Name (captured in any informal or past interaction) – Hi {{Nick}},
          – HQ or Office city – How is {{City}} treating you?

    • I think they are still working as long as you don’t overdo it. It also seems like the first name token in the subject line might be fading out. Any robot can do that and all prospects know their first name, but maybe they don’t know about a pain point they need to solve for.

    • This is interesting! How do they know the difference between:
      “Happy Tuesday, John!”
      “Happy Tuesday, {{First Name}}”?
      I think the success is more around what your email actually has in the body. Are you sending an incredibly generic pitch, or making it super custom, outside of the few tokens?

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