What is the your favourite B2B data platform?

We are exploring tools like Beuhurst, CB Insights, ZoomInfo.

We're looking for attribute-based data (funding, technology, company size, industry) alongside prosp[etc information inside of those orgs.

What tools are you using and what price points are you paying?

We're looking to start small and scale up as we develop our SDR programme.

Any reccomendations would be useful!

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      Profile picture of Nick
      ( 2.3k POINTS )
      2 weeks, 2 days ago

      Web Forms + Salesforce CRM + Pardot + LinkedIn SN + Sculptor CPQ = Combo

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      Profile picture of Colin Campbell
      ( 14.6k POINTS )
      2 weeks, 2 days ago

      Clearbit is a highly-rated platform. We use it at Sales Hacker, and have always been happy with what little functionality we need for our purposes. We do a bulk upload every year, to make sure that as people move jobs, we can stay in touch with our members as much as possible.

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