How can new SDRs succeed post-COVID?

Plenty of tried-and-true sales advice has become irrelevant at best for the foreseeable future.

Shadowing top performers has become clunky, industries are in flux and value props have to be tied to current events.

With this (dare I say it?) "new normal" — what advice do you have for a brand spankin' new SDR looking to stand out in their new sales org?

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      1 week, 2 days ago

      Hey Brooklin @bnash

      Great question. It is indeed a brand new world, time to hit the SDR reset button.
      Hounding people on the phone or sending a 100 emails to them on how great your product is will not get you any where closer to talking with them- maybe a restraining order. LOL.
      Here is the bottom line on what an SDR needs to do to provide value at this time.
      Listen and offer help. If you totally understand their pain points, and your solution can help, then, and only then should you go that route.
      The SDR may call and the contact may be doing a 100 more jobs, besides the 50 they normally do.
      Call and be respectful of their time. If they happen to be a current customer, and have an issue (they will), be prepared to respond to their demand, and for Pete’s sake followup with them until they tell you the problem has been solved adequately. Don’t just turn it over to another team, follow through like it is your life. This shows character and builds trust immensely. (They don’t have time or they don’t know who to reach out to (or they would have already) you are calling and you asked- take care of it!
      If they say your product caused this, don’t apologize, tell them thank you for bringing this to my attention.
      I would find out just in case you come across this again.
      If you are an SDR, be a professor of knowledge on your company’s product’s and services so if you see an opportunity for your other departments, you can refer them knowledgeably.
      Build that relationship. If you are talking to them and they mention they are tired because they were up all night at their kids baseball game, take a second and let them elaborate. Write this down or put it in your CRM. Next time you chat, here is a subject to start with.
      Know their business. A lot of people assume that businesses in the same vertical are the same- they are not. There are never two businesses EXACTLY the same.
      If you come across a set of customers asking if your product does XXXX, take note of it. If the product or service does not do their request, follow up with the team in product. Is it on the road map? Should it be on the road map? The competition has it! Keep a running chart/file with this.
      And if your company does develop that product or feature, you have a list of pre-qualified people to start.
      Be helpful.
      Be knowledgeable.
      Always provide a resource. Do those three, and you will rule the SDR world.

      Thanks for the question. Hope this helps.


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