Go Beyond Contact to Find the "Decision Maker"

What is the best way you go beyond "your contact" or who you're working through the sale process with to start engaging and understanding the needs of the Decision Maker(s).

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      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hi @bobby Bobby!
      So I try to find out right away in my discovery, first or second call, I ask point blank. Is there anybody else that needs to be involved in this process? Are you the only and final decision maker on this project? Do we need o get anybody else involved? I know some people will say go slow, but you have to make sure upfront. If you are talking to the user only, they may not know anything about the company’s budget or timeline. I let them know very nicely and professionally, this information is non-negotiable. We have to have this information before moving forward.
      And if you connect with them on LI, you can normally see the people they are connected with. Then you can nonchalantly bring it up in a conversation if they don’t provide Decision Maker or Sponsor.
      You can also put it on them: “Are you sure that whoever is signing the check is okay with this?” Let them know. By this you are showing your professionalism and that you don’t have time to play games.
      Hope this helps!


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