How do you prep for an upcoming meeting with a new prospect/company?

Curious what you do, what you produce, and how consistently?

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      1 month ago

      Hey @brettgoodwin!

      Great question – but I think there are some “it depends” here.

      For example:
      – Is the meeting for a very first discovery conversation, or a demo? Obviously those are different contexts and would require different prep.
      – Is your average deal size large or small? (If bigger, you could take more time to prep)

      Depending on the above, my favorite things to do were:
      1) Get everything I can observe or learn about what the company is already doing to address the pain points I believe can help with. This could be on their website, in reviews from customers, reviews from employees on Glassdoor, posts from executives on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

      2) If they’re public, read their quarterly earnings reports and/or transcripts from earnings calls.

      3) Write a list of questions – things I need to more completely understand before I can really help them.

      4) If I have intent data from a platform like 6Sense, I use it to learn how employees at the company have been exhibiting interest or intent in what I can help with AND what I can’t help with. You may even be able to find out if they’ve

      5) Review past calls I had where I was successful. Listen to the recordings, read my notes, just bask in the feeling of “what it feels like to have a good call”. Visualize myself having a great call.

      6) Make sure my workspace is clean and neat, and I’m prepared with the tools I’ll need to run an effective meeting.

      7) Add a calendar warning for myself for when there’s 15 minutes left in the meeting so I leave enough time to properly discuss next steps.

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        1 month ago

        Hey @colin-campbell!

        Thanks for the really well thought out and organized reply. It completely squares with my 25+ years working closely with sales teams in B2B enterprise SaaS. I asked the Q because the company I founded just came out with a free product specifically for first meetings/first discovery conversations. Your answer is both helping me to narrow the positioning/specificity on it for first adopters – as well as ideas of what to add next to the product. Check it out if you feel so inclined. I’d love to get your feedback if you are willing. Thanks Brett

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          3 weeks, 3 days ago

          Would be interested to have a look at this product. How do O get it?

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      1 month ago

      I am new to the site, so bear with me.

      I sell to the healthcare space, and I will look for financial reports on the web, open search in google to find news stories about the hospital. Once I found an award for my customer, little did I know at the time this award I mentioned was a big deal to them, 30-minutes later, we could continue with our agenda. I also like to search the sites that score the patient satisfaction and to learn which scores the struggle with. The frequency for these meetings, I will spend about 15-30 minutes searching and taking notes to frame around questions.

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      3 weeks, 4 days ago

      Awesome pointers here! I will add a few more
      – I create a meeting prep template for different scenarios. I have current a deal meeting, new prospect meeting and exec meeting. I am working on a template for in-person meetings now that those are picking back up.
      – The doc before the meeting is a collaborative effort with the others involved in the meeting. I may add a skeleton and we iterate together during a prep call.
      – I plan the time down to the minute. We often stick to this plan and we don’t run out of time for next steps. The customer can totally wreck this though which is ok
      – Most important parts of the plan – who is attending and what is their role? What is our #1 desired outcome? What questions do we anticipate? What objections do we anticipate? How could this meeting go totally wrong?
      – Planning for what could go wrong is so important!
      – I don’t script but I have some prepared statements and stats that I can skim
      – I also like to message prospects directly during the meeting over the chat 1-1
      – I start a recap email during meeting prep that we can modify, that way we can get it out faster
      Hope this helps!

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