Can you help with a sales pitch for my freight forwarding company

I need some help for my broker service, creating a conversation starter when calling the shippers to get their attention. Trying to increase revenue for motor carriers.

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      1 week, 3 days ago

      Hi @busy1961!

      Can you give us more information on what you are currently using when you call?

      A general example you could try is:
      “Hi (name)- my name is (name) and I work for (company). Im calling because (insert problem you solve). We recently worked with (company) to solve (problem). Is this something you are seeing as well?”


      “Hey (name)! I’m (name) and I work for (company). Do you have 60 seconds for me to tell you why Im calling and then see if it’s worth discussing further?”

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      1 week, 3 days ago

      Put yourself in their shoes. What problem / issue do they have that they can’t easily fix without you? Do you have story to tell them of someone you’ve helped that might resonate with them?

      First calls are helped by providing them something of value- maybe some carrier industry news, innovations you’ve read about, legislature that might affect them, that sort of thing.

      I think Freight Forwarding is though of as a commodity, so you might need to something to show that you’re the difference maker.

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      1 week, 3 days ago

      “Busy 1961” – this is impossible to answer in any helpful manner unless you provide more information.

      Fundamentally, the question you are asking is, “how do we position our company/service so that it is unique and compelling to the right customers.”

      That’s a business positioning challenge, not a “sales talking points” challenge.

      Ask yourself, how are you unique in your industry in ways that are MEANINGFUL TO YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS. And I would suggest talking to actual customers to find out what THEY say is unique about you, because most businesses consider themselves “unique” but often are not.

      So, once you find out how to position your company uniquely against the competition, then start testing out positioning statements.

      “We help people like X solve their biggest headache with freight forwarding by offering X, Y, and Z. Our best customers tell us that they hired us because we could do X better than anybody else, and as a result they were able to save X in (time, money, whatever is most important to them and has been proven to be your unique value proposition).

      Well, as you can see this isn’t a simple solution or talking point, rather you’ll need to back out and take a look at the entire offering and deeply understand your customers and target prospects.

      Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if I can help you further. @chrisdcloud

    • I can help but I think you have already received the required help.

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