After multiple knee surgeries, I left my career as an electrician and began my journey in sales. I spent the first couple years in car sales for factory dealerships before transitioning into B2B sales as a BDR for a SaaS tech company in the logistics industry. Since then, I have moved into the marketing space as an AE for a major radio and digital marketing company. I recently accepted a SDR position with a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in organic search for mid-market and enterprise level companies; with aspirations of moving back into an AE role. I enjoy the challenge presented by working with c-suite execs and relish the opportunity to develop new skills. My passion is writing. I mostly write fiction, but I pick up freelance content writing gigs when my schedule permits. I want to share my experiences with the Sales Hacker community in hopes that I can help others in sales and those who are thinking of making the jump to mid-market/enterprise sales.

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