What are you doing to connect with prospects?

At my company, we do many email campaigns and outbound calling. I can't seem to get in contact with anyone. Outbound calling I understand, that's hit or miss as it's always been. However, I think everyone is being saturated with inbound emails that they don't seem to reply to those anymore. I also utilize LinkedIn to connect. All of my efforts end up in "crickets". I've also utilized "scoops" in Zoominfo as warm leads, and nothing comes from those either. (Side note: We do inbound marketing as well, but I need to be successful in outbound strategies)

Any suggestions/advice as to how I can break through this and start connecting to real people? Please and Thank you!

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      1 week, 6 days ago

      Its a number’s game-The more at bats the better the chance to get the hits. You are on the right track-Emailing and phone calling. LinkedIn research and personalization will help boost response rates. Research becoming a Digital Citizen-Get your brand out there and get with people at the digital water cooler….. Less is more-Vmails 20 seconds or less, one paragraph tops emails. Once on the phone connects in 10 seconds or less as to the “Why” you can help then ease into your pitch.

    • Hi! If you are leveraging LinkedIn you need to likely take a different approach. Start by engaging them in their content, look at what they are interested in, start building a relationship being genuinely interested in them to get in the door. It’s slower than the ‘connect & pitch’ but it works. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Well, as I read your description, I have a few questions. 1) with the marketing you are conducting, is this a targeted or shot gun approach? 2) are the prospects in the right wheelhouse for you and your companies strengths? 3) Crickets, well that yells to me load and clear the the message sent from marketing and personal branding is not the driving or solution solving idea to peak the prospects interest. 4) as in all sales or BD, are you setting yourself up as a sounding board or industry expert / leader for your prospects to grasp whom you are?

      There are many tools today and the buyers / prospects are very educated today. Information is at their finger tips so your message to them with the “me too” propaganda will NOT generate the interest. Now, number numbers numbers, yes, the more mud you throw at the wall the more may stick. Is this really the strongest approach versus a planned executed market/sales approach?
      Just my two cents 🙂 JEW

    • When using LinkedIn, you must have you profile optimized so that potential customers go beyond the knee-jerk reaction of seeing a salesperson in their feed. Commenting on their content, developing a relationship-based conversation with an invitation for “furthering the conversation” works well. LinkedIn only works if you customize for your client.

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      1 week, 2 days ago

      Why not try video?

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