How do you start out your introduction email to the company?

I've been struggling coming up with a good first sentence on how to introduce my company. This is what I came up with, what are your thoughts?

"I am reaching out to you because being the lead of the business development efforts here at Compass Electronics Solutions, I was certain you would know more about the current process in place at your company for any Electronics Manufacturing Services needs."

Thank you in advance!

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    • Profile picture of Belal Batrawy
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      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      I don’t think people really want to admit they have needs to a complete stranger @chantellwa.

      Instead of thinking about who you are and what you offer, address what you kno, sucks about the way they get the job done today as the subject matter expert of your industry.

      Whatever advantages your EM services offer, reverse those to what pain or problem they address and ask them if they be interested in learning more:


      So it may be something like:

      Our service removes just in time production bottlenecks by having the right parts delivered on demand.

      So you would say:

      There’s nothing more frustrating that having to stop a humming production line because a critical part wasn’t delivered on time. We get that at Compass Electronic Solutions. So much so that we kind of became obsessed with making it sure it never happens for our customers. Would you be interested in hearing about a lesser known way to keep your production line humming?

      • Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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        1 month, 2 weeks ago

        Good input, @belal!

        @chantellwa, not knowing enough about your industry, I couldn’t give you a specific example, but your starter email does send some signals as if you don’t know what your prospects need from you, and you’re hoping they tell you.

        In an ideal world, that’d work!

        But you’d probably have better success if you prove you understand what it’s like to actually be your prospect. Maybe tell a short story about a customer just like your prospect (the person, not the business) you helped.

        What was life like for them before they worked with Compass? What were they able to achieve for themselves after working with you?

    • Profile picture of Shubham Sood
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      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      The problem and solving approach work out the best in all introductions. Think you’re actually meeting a person and realistically the first step should be to understand what challenges the person faces. That is your work- once you do it well, introductions will automatically turn into opportunities.

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