Getting in to Sales Management- what else can I do get a step ahead?

What other Certifications or courses can help me be sharper or add more skills in to my profile that would help me make the move to sales management?

I have 6+ Years of experience in Sales & Business Development in the IT industry. I know Spin Selling, Objection handling, Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Consulting Selling. I have also done HubSpot certifications as well for sales. I do close the business but want to do more in the sales.


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    • Hello Deep!

      You’re off to a great start as far as your development. Being part of Sales leadership in the past, a big piece of the role is attitude. That probably sounds really cliche, but having the right mentality of doing more even when it’s not part of the role goes a long way. I have started at many places as an SDR and hav proven myself with previous skills to get back into a leadership role.

      What necessarily is appealing is appealing to you about being in leadership? I ask this because some folks can get fixated on having a title as I have also witnessed SDRs unseat leadership based on their mentality, effort, and willingness to succeed. For me, I enjoyed the responsibility and the ability to teach and grow others.


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      1 week, 6 days ago

      Deep, Great questions and as a salesperson you appear to be making all the right moves as far as investing in yourself goes. If you haven’t yet managed I have a few recommendations:
      -Look to mentor a new salesperson or up and comer. Prove to your co. and yourself you can elevate their game.
      -Invest time in Management/Leader oriented pods-Recommending Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak
      -Keeping overachieving against and plan and make known in your 1:1’s that you want to manage-Think through the “Why” you would be good at it.

    • The best way to get more in the sales is to develop some written content based on your experiences to offer a proof of concept in Spin Selling, Objection handling, Cross-Selling, Up-Selling or Consulting Selling. I know a lot of companies who could find this useful. It could be blogs, social media posts, reels, stories, case studies, videos etc. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Deep,
      That is awesome to hear that you want to take the next step and lead a group of people. Congrats on all your achievements, I think you have a lot of great experience. Not being insensitive, how are you at dealing with different personalities and work styles? For me, that was the hardest lesson to learn. No matter how you sell it, preach it, teach it, convey it, NOBODY is going to do ANYTHING just like you or the way that you want it. You have to be extremely flexible and then bend some from there. And The Buck stops with you! If your people drop the ball and don’t produce, upper management can be brutal-they want financial results, not excuses, or not even the truth. That is one side of it. If you have a great team that cares about doing everything right and winning, the sky is the limit and there honestly is no better feeling in the universe. Especially if you lead a big team.
      Check in with your people often, especially if remote. Not to see if they are hitting their metrics, but to be sure they are okay, especially if working remotely from home.
      Reward them often if they do good and don’t BS them, they can tell even over a phone line.
      All for one, and one for all, but remember, you alone are responsible for the starship.
      If you take the leap, best wishes,
      reach out if you have any questions!


    • If you are interested in a certification for SaaS, then SaaSy Sales Leadership has a great program. The leadership came from Salesforce. I’ve done there VP of Sales Program, it’s next level for learning the skills and business acumen you need.

      If you are looking for more general leadership, Dale Carnegie has some great programs as well.

      Hope that helps!

    • Hi Deep! Congratulations on your decision to want to move into sales management. I too made that decision many years ago, and have not regretted it since. Having said that, few salespeople actually make that transition successfully. There are a few reasons for this, however the good news is that, it is very possible to make the transition if 4 criteria are met.

      I wrote an article on Sales Hacker entitled, Sales Leadership: 4 Keys to Successfully Promote a Rep to Sales Manager at The article is written from a management perspective, however I think you will find the 4 keys very valuable as you move into management. The article also has links from it on how to get promoted with advice from several experts.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

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      1 week, 2 days ago

      I love love love this topic. This is tricky because that entry level middle management person typically comes from within the organization. So how do you make sure it’s you? There are many ways to achieve this but the easiest place to start is to make your intentions known. Whether the position resides within your own department or in another department, let those individuals know. Ask what steps you can do now, to prepare yourself for the next step in your career. Ask if there projects you can get involved in, if you can sit in on interviews, listen to call recordings, put together a 30/60/90 based on what you are seeing and when the opening is there, jump at it. You will have set yourself apart and given yourself the best chance possible for success.

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      Hi Deep,

      Great to step up in the sales game!

      I suggest you start reading some relevant books. I know, sales people don’t like to read, but the true knowledge lies in the deeper understanding. Spin Selling, Objection Handling, Hubspot certificates and so on are about the tricks. Move beyond that level. The “ecosystem” your’e about to manage is more complex and challenging. People & culture, systems & processes and technology & metrics need to be in balance. Leadership needs vision and sight.

      Mike Weinberg – Sales Management. Simplified.
      Dan Pink – To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others
      Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends & Influence People (classic!)
      Aaron Ross – Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of
      Jacco van der Kooij – How to Get to $10M in ARR and Beyond (Sales as a Science, very insightful)
      Marc Roberge – The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million

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