Anybody using Apollo.io for enrichment and can share how it compares to other solutions?

We've been using Clearbit. Don't really have any problems with it, just wondering if we can improve data quality, since I've heard some good things about Apollo.

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      Profile picture of ryanluebke
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      4 days, 3 hours ago

      We started on Apollo a year ago, and it has been great. I’m not familiar Clearbit, but have used ZoomInfo, Seamless, Data.com (before Salesforce nixed it), and it seems to top them, or at least meet the level they’re on.

      They seem to be well-priced also, given their functionality. (Granted, we’re a sales team of four, it may differ for Commercial-to-Enterprise orgs)

      That said, my use case is obtaining email/phone data for prospecting efforts, building/executing sequences, and occasionally pulling emails for a campaign.

      Hopefully this helps!

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        Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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        4 days, 2 hours ago

        Definitely helpful, thanks!

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      Profile picture of Brian Prokopowich
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      4 days, 1 hour ago

      Hi Colin, I have been using Apollo for over a year; it Ok! We are a small lean team, and the price is great. It has its quarks and limits; Most people only use a fraction of what it can do, including us. The emails should be verified separately using an email verification tool to weed out the bad emails. I learned not to add their emails directly into a sequence; depending on the industry, the emails can be stale and have high bounce rates. Also, they do not have a warm-up feature for email sequences, so they suggest using a 3rd part tool. You get what you pay for, but it does a lot. Once you get used to it’s a good tool to have.

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      Profile picture of Carol Olona
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      3 days, 23 hours ago

      I’ve been using Apollo for almost a year. I find the emails to be pretty accurate. We use their filter to only email to “verified” email addresses. We get a very low bounce rate this way.

      The Company phone numbers seem fairly good, but it lacks Direct Dial and Mobile numbers. We’ve learned that when you use their tool to get the Mobile number, it often retrieves a mobile number that has a generic message (like the one when a mailbox has not been set up by the user). So there is no name for you to know for certain you have reached your contact. We’re finding that about half the time when we get these questionable Mobile numbers, they are not correct.

      We also use ZoomInfo and between the two of them, we have fairly decent data. Zoom seems to have decent mobile and Direct numbers.

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        Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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        3 days, 23 hours ago

        Very helpful to know, thanks! Most of our use case would be for email addresses and other fields like role/title.

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      Profile picture of Sam.Schooley
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      2 days ago

      i’ve found leadIQ+zoominfo have highest data quality… for selling to marketing.

      i think each tool has it’s specialties. know tito did a test awhile back on them all

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