Launch Sweepstakes Winners!

As promised, we're giving away 100 exclusive Sales Hacker t-shirts to some of you lucky ones who became Members during our first week.

We're extremely proud, and humbly honored to be able to play host to such an incredible community of thoughtful givers in the B2b sales world.

When we can come together to hone our craft, we're all winners. But these winners get t-shirts:

@krakitt, @aktrader12, @madler, @shamsao, @gooch, @ashcorlett, @tonniegh, @alextennant, @alexandra, @numbersgame85

If I tagged you, It's time to claim your prize! Just fill out this form, so we know what size you want, and where to ship it!

Winners only: https://saleshacker.typeform.com/to/wQyKMq

If you didn't win this one, don't worry! We'll have more fun contests where you can win some exciting Sales Hacker swag.

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