Do Sequences actually work?

I got an objection and question from a prospect today that I couldn't confidently deliver on "I am not convinced that the concept of a sequence actually works. I derive our statistics on emails and phone calls separately and they are kept in different silos when reporting on success. What unbiased statistics can you supply me with that demonstrates that a sequence, or string of emails/phone calls etc. are more effective that one off tasks?"

Anyone have resources they could help me out with?

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      2 months ago

      This is a fascinating question, @connorzmorello.

      The closest I can get is all the data supporting multi-channel attribution in marketing, but I do think it’s a pretty close comparison. The idea being that a savvy marketer would spend $$$ on social media and organic seach ads. Then, when their prospects come to the website directly and click “Request a Demo”, they give a share of that conversion to the ads that prospect saw on social media and organic search.

      The logic:
      Our prospects do not experience our sales activities completely independent of one another. Like all people, we experience our lives as a connected stream of events. Your prospect could maybe ask themselves when the last time they purchased something if they really bought just because of the one single activity that got them to set a meeting, or if there was a whole collection of activities that led to their purchase. I cannot believe they really truly believe the former.

      That said, that’s just a philosophical difference. It could be that they agree with the general logic here, but they still don’t think that executing their sales motions in accordance with it will help them.

      Sports analogy:
      If the QB always throws for yardage, and the receiver always catches, they together have a 100% success rate. But they still might lose every single game in a season, if the entire play is crap, or the rest of the team sucks.

      As for data, I’m wondering if @tito-bohrt has any to support.

      Your customer could probably argue that every one of your customers using sequences just happens to be more successful than their industry competitor peers, and it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re using sequences. It’d take a mad scientist, but the best thing to do would be a true A/B test where half the team uses sequences and the other half gets to continue as they were.

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      2 months ago

      I think your prospect is incorrectly framing sequences. I think they’re bucketing it as ‘one off tasks are highly personalized and have high reply rates, and sequences are heavily automated and have low reply rates’

      When there are countless resources that show how to use Outreach (and other tools) in highly personalized, non automated ways (flipthescript.co comes to mind, for example)

      I would push back on your prospect and ask them, to what degree of certainty do you have that EVERY TASK AND EMAIL you schedule one off is sent at the correct time, to the correct person, when the appropriate event demands it?

      Because the problem with doing everything ad-hoc is that well… we’re only human. And we can’t juggle 1000s of tasks and OUR Day jobs. And that’s the power of sequencing tools.

      The tools are only as smart as you make them. And it seems like your prospect would rather have people slip through the crack through their imperfect methods than take the time to set up a well oiled machine.

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      2 months ago

      I’ve got it in my CRM system as evidence that the second or third emails in a sequence opened more often than the first one. Just offer the statistics feature of your CRM system.

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      2 months ago

      Just thought of another thing from the marketing world that might be a little helpful, @connorzmorello.

      A former colleague of mine used to run Facebook ads to his audiences over the weekend. The goal of these ads was not to generate clicks all by themselves but to increase the open rate of emails he sent to the same audience on Mondays.

      It worked.

      Same concept as a sequence.

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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      This is awesome everyone! Thanks for the notes, let me know if someone finds some articles.

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Hey @connorzmorello!

      Sam Jacobs answered your question on the Sales Hacker Podcast! It’s at timestamp 3:25. 🙂


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      3 weeks, 3 days ago

      Hey @connorzmorello, I was inspired by your question so I posted a video on the top 3 reasons sequences are core to how I do business as an outbound seller and sales coach:


      Hope it helps!

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