How are you preparing for 2021? 🚀

It's the end of November and it's going to be Christmas so soon!! - I'm not panicking... are you?👀 😩

Not to worry though, Sales Impact Academy is getting ready to dedicate their December to 'Planning for 2021' and get us all ready for what could be our best year yet!

If next year isn't your best, you don't want to sit back and think that you could've done things differently - Join them in their mission for the 6 P's...

What do you need to be raring to go on January 2nd?

Lets start the new year right🤩

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      ( 2.7k POINTS )
      3 months ago

      Personally i’m planning, planning and more planning! Getting everything in place so that switching off over the holidays doesn’t do any damage and so that returning in January i have everything i need to crack on as normal🚀🚀

    • by surviving 2020

    • Management of people is so important at this time of year with holidays being taken here there and everywhere – Just staying a float and managing your team for the new year is a good place to start…

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