Building Your First Playbook - Tips for Success

Hi all. I've recently been promoted from AE to player/coach, leading the sales team for a new product we're going to be launching this fall into a new region for us.

We're a small sales team right now, but we're hoping this new product does big things, and we're able to scale the team quickly.

Right now, I'm building out our sales process that we will be experimenting with as we gear up for launch.

As this is my first playbook that I'm building from scratch, wondering if anyone has any 'mistakes to avoid' or 'tips for success' they can recommend when building out a playbook for inexperienced reps.

I know @scott-barker just did a talk about Playbooks at Unleash, but I can't seem to find a recording.

Not looking for any specifics per se, just looking to crowdsource some do's and don'ts to help me along to the finish line.

If you want specifics, I'm interested in what I can build the playbook into so that it doesn't become a static google doc, or printed binder that never gets touched again.

As of the time of writing, I'm actually thinking about using Spekit as a home for where the playbook can live.

Any and all advice is welcomed.


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      2 years, 2 months ago

      I can’t find @scott-barker‘s replay but here is an interesting talk by @jakedunlap at Unleashed. His emphasis on engagement first and CTA later resonates with me. If you are not following him I recommend you start now. This cat drops mad knowledge all the time.


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      2 years, 2 months ago

      Hey congrats on the promotion, @damian! That’s huge. New product, new region, new role!

      Spekit looks cool! Kiite is also pretty slick, if you haven’t checked that out. (No affiliation, and I don’t use it, but I looked at it recently and I liked what I saw).

      Aside from tools, I’ll give the same advice I give marketers: keep it simple, especially at first.

      That way, when something is/is not working, You’ll have an easier time telling what. It’ll also help the team focus on fundamentals, which is enough when there’s already a new territory and a new product they need to keep in mind.

      Maybe not the golden nugget of advice you’re looking for… but wishing you luck!

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      2 years, 2 months ago

      Damian – great question man. Unfortunately that session was a live Q&A so it’s not available on demand but all of the panelists, although experts, struggled in this area just like you. You’re not alone! The struggles came specifically around where does my playbook live and how do I keep it up to date. Personally, I’ve heard of most people using google docs, Confluence, or building it directly into SFDC (or a combo of all three). You’ve identified the main issue already that I see which is organization spending all this time on a document that remains static, doesn’t evolve and becomes a useless relic in 6 months. I would re-visit your playbook bi-weekly with your team to ensure it’s still all up to date. Perhaps give your team commenting power so they can add their thoughts in real time. Then you can go over all the comments in that meeting. Last note: I think playbooks are going to completely change over the next year or so. Have you ever checked out Dooly or WIngman or Outreach Kaia? They are essentially live, real-time playbooks. This is definitely where playbooks are headed in my eyes, worth checking them out.

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