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I'm looking to improve my cold emails. I mainly look to start conversations with CTOs, but my cold email campaigns have not been as successful as I'd like them to be. I'm reading up on using LinkedIn and Twitter to broaden the scope of my outreach, but email will always be a crucial part of it.

I've been trying to personalize my emails as much as possible. If I see that the prospect recently released a podcast episode, I listen to it and try to make a comment in the first line of the email, but it's harder for prospects who are not that active on social media. Do you have any examples of cases where you took company or industry news and transformed them into an effective ice breaker?

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      12 hours, 56 minutes ago

      Hey @danielfhidalgo – while you wait for some examples that work from the community here, I’ll leave some of my thoughts.

      If your emails aren’t working, it isn’t necessarily the personalization techniques you’re using… but I guess it might be. Check out http://www.coldemailgrader.com – a tool we created to help guide creation of effective emails in partnership with Regie.

      Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, I always point people to this masterclass on personalization from Becc Holland. There might be a few “aha” moments for you in here:

      Lastly, another good read from @thejmike: https://www.saleshacker.com/personalization-at-scale/

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      9 hours, 50 minutes ago

      Hey Daniel, will see if I can dig some examples out.

      What kind of emails are you sending currently? Maybe the community can give some feedback.

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