How to handle team "connectivity"/culture at scale with different locations?

Hi Sales hacker community,

I've got a question at hand that I 1000% believe many of you already had to find an answer to...

so originally our SalesDev crew was based at HQ only. Building a vivid culture was never a problem or challenge we needed to face as this came almost naturally with the team building measures applied and characters hired. We live of our strong team bond that is formed through daily check-ins and check-outs (amongst other things of course) where everybody comes together to share their daily mission and ideally a daily tip/advice/content piece.

Now we've got a second location which is growing rapidly. Daily check-in's (via zoom anyways due to covid) have been getting pretty time-intense with the whole crew from both locations in there. I do believe it's vital to know the rest of the team though and this is one of the rare occasions where everyone comes together to start/end the day right. We all know how important belonging cues are.

We need a solution though. Right now I'm thinking about doing check-ins seperately to have a crisp start into the day, ideally 5-10min, paired with 1-2 role plays. Then at the end the day everybody comes together via zoom for a joint check-out.

Any ideas / thoughts / best practices you can share?

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      3 weeks, 6 days ago

      Hi Dario! You are so right! It is super challenging to keep a cohesive unit, especially through multiple locations. I think more and more people are struggling with this, especially with everyone working remotely.

      I really like your idea about doing the check-ins and role plays, but I would wonder about doing it every single day? Would that turn in to counterproductive because its so often, that the value is hard to maintain?

      I also think that the end of day “check out” would be a good idea, but I would almost always suggest you do it in the morning? Have everyone on zoom and do highs and lows, talk about a new topic, etc. This could be every day and you could utilize it to do short trainings that would benefit the whole team.

      Also, I have seen success with partnering up your team members for role plays, etc. You can also do mid week end of day happy hours! Maybe have someone come on the call and do a presentation, maybe a team member? (gives them some ownership and they’re proud of it) and maybe make it a theme? talk more about their personal life or personal/professional development?

      Just some thoughts!

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      3 weeks, 4 days ago

      Hey Dario, I love the check-ins and I love the idea of role plays.

      What I’ve seen really make a difference in connectivity and culture is establishing a Vision – Mission – Values statement. In my 1:1s I would also establish personal goals and how they align with the team goals. Lastly, I would explore each team members internal source of motivation…why do they bother logging in each day? All of these help build an intentional culture and help people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

      Feel free to reach out to me if you need me to expand on any of this.


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