How do I get my CEO to understand that ALL sales should go to the sales reps?

I work for a very small company and I am the only sales rep. However, my CEO will take a call, and if she thinks it's an easy sell for her she will not hand it off to me. Thereby, cutting me off from the commission opportunity. Any advice or sales management reference I can refer to her to help her understanding?

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    • Profile picture of Tom Williams
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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      Can you suggest a two-tiered commission structure? One rate for inbound, and a much higher rate where you’ve sourced the opportunity. “Order takers” don’t add as much value as sales reps who find and develop an opp, so have that conversation with your CEO.

      I like it where Reps have a specific hunter quota on top of whatever inbound is dropped in their lap.

      • Profile picture of Colin Campbell
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        1 month, 3 weeks ago

        I like this idea because it makes it about the structure and the process. It’s not personal, and it would make sense regardless of who is asking.

      • Profile picture of Denita Holmes
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        1 month, 3 weeks ago

        I think this is an excellent idea. The commission structure could benefit from adding tiers. Right now, deals obtained from cold leads and warm leads are paid on the same structure.

    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      Wow, I can relate @dholmes Denita!

      I worked for a small Company and the CEO was a lot like what you are describing. It was “all hers, it was her business” -until something went wrong. This company was a bit larger, but it is exactly the same tactics.
      The CEO’s job is to be the CEO, and that could be a warning sign. That she does not believe in her abilities? Reverse Engineer this thing. She probably wouldn’t like it if you made a CEO type decision or kept interfering in her livelihood. You have to be very cautious, I have found that these small company CEO’s are really, really protective and not prone to feedback.
      The economy is tough right now, so there is that also. In my mind, I am saying, that it is okay for you to take the sale, as long as I get paid for it. The way she is doing it just promotes ill will. Do you think that the CEO would be open to a discussion? Maybe just come right out and ask her, why are you taking the sales from me, or do you realize by doing this how this effects not only me, but the sales moving forward when we grow? Maybe she is just seeing if she can get away with it. A lot of CEO’s, etc. I have worked for will deny you every dime -until they are called out about it.
      Anyway, I urge caution, unless you have another gig lined up. It has to do with your compensation, so that is crucial to you and your demeanor, small company CEO’s- expenses are a problem for them.
      Crucial conversation.
      I hope this helps, curious to know more.



      • Profile picture of Denita Holmes
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        1 month, 3 weeks ago

        Thank you Macky. You have provided some valuable insight and forced me to view the situation through a different lens. I plan to make a few suggestions based on a structure that will be beneficial as she plans to grow the sales team. A tiered compensation or an outside vs. inside sales compensation plan. I will keep you updated.

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