What are Your Thoughts on Servant Leadership?

I have been teaching at the university level for years and have taught courses in servant leadership. Being a huge believer in it, I was curious if others have used it, what the results are/were, and in general what do you think about its philosophy?

I have used it at all the locations I have worked at and the improvements were stellar, but that is only my experience and I am interested what others have experienced.


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      2 months ago

      I’m personally a fan, but I think it’s often mis-interpreted by new managers as they learn about leadership. I definitely misunderstood its meaning when I first became a manager.

      I ended up being almost 100% reactive to requests from my team rather than thinking about how I was investing my time proactively to be a guiding servant to my teams. As a result, I was essentially just being used to plug holes and solve problems. I wasn’t tackling new opportunities for growth on behalf of my employees.

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