What is the most important part of Sales?

Kind of a vague question here, but I've talked to a lot of sales pros who have different ideas on what the MOST IMPORTANT part is that leads to their success. Is it prospects, closing, relationship building, etc.???

I would love to get your opinion on it and why you think that.

Thanks in advance!!!


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    • I’ll go :). I would say relationship building. I say this because this is something I try to do with each prospect because if I can’t earn their business today, I want them to remember the experience. I also have built relationships with folks who never bought anything from me, but have introduced me to friends and colleagues who have.

      Cheers Drew!

    • Hi Drew!
      I absolutely agree with Joe Latchlaw @jlatchlaw85 , your relationship with your customers and prospects is absolutely critical for your immediate and long term success. Every position and company I have held, even if there are CSM/ CSM Management involved, I still want to be involved with my customers. I always let the customer know, before and after they have been onboarded- here is my email, here is my cell number-use it. I let them know that this is a partnership, not only between my company and theirs, but between me and them. No excuse not to reach out if you need help. I never like deferring problems to another department- I want to be involved.
      Customers are too important to just say “it’s not my department.” Customers make the world go round.
      In my opinion, if you take care of them, they will take care of you.

      Hope this helps Drew!


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