Is too much data bad?

I always inject data that is specific to the client I am reaching out to. However, sometimes I worry too much data can turn the prospect off. Any thoughts on how I can create a healthy balance of data-driven and non-data outreach to drive deals home?

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    • Hi Danish!

      I personally think data is key. This will really help you understand your prospect. You can never have too much data but how you use that data is also very important.

      I agree, too much data in your messaging may turn the prospect away because sometimes your prospect may not care much about the data rather they may want to know how your product can solve their issues.

      Use the data to understand what your prospects pain points, and then find a way to plug in your solution to really cater to how it will help them. Most of the time, all a prospect cares about is how you can make their lives easier. Right to the point.

      Hope this helps!

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      2 months, 1 week ago

      I have lots of thoughts about striking a balance here, Danish. Humor me a few quick points of clarification. No wrong answers, obvi.

      Data is one of those annoyingly fuzzy words. It means a vastly different thing for almost everyone.

      Im curious:

      – What types of data do you inject at the beginning?
      – How are you determining what data is relevant to a specific prospect?

      Assuming we agree that there is no such thing as a turnkey “multi-channel” outbound sequence. Not for high-performing outbound teams anyway. Personalization is critical.

      That said, function over form. (function = purpose)

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but the function of that first touch/initial outreach is to schedule a meeting, no?

      The function of data is to drive more informed business decisions, among other cool things.

      Who owns this decision? The prospect.

      One more rhetorical question. For the people.

      Why do you think a human being accepts a meeting with a stranger? 🤯

    • Hi Danish!

      Great question, thanks for asking this here on the Sales Hacker platform.
      It is a tough question, because every customer is different. One person on your customer’s team may be a data whiz and love everything that you show them. However, if they have no influence in the decision making process or doesn’t catch the decision maker’s ear, then, not to be rude, to them, the data may be something that they simply don’t grasp.
      To me, the more data the better! ( #NoDataLeftBehind)
      However, I have seen it where extremely powerful executives (in this day and time) are what I refer to as data-illiterate.
      Maybe, meet them where they are at, and then be able to bring that data in to re-enforce the picture that you paint for them verbally?
      I wish I had a better solution, however, there is no easy answer. I do think the fact that you take the time to get data that is specific for each client is huge!
      Hope this helps and Let me know?



    • Great question @dshah9034. This is something that will vary prospect to prospect. I have had some prospects who have called me out on not having enough data to share, but then I have also had the opposite where I have verbally vommitted so many facts and figures that it confused them even more. Like others have stated, use your data to attack relevant paint points and that should lead to more deals being closed.


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