Best Sales Books to Read In 2020

This year, what book has been the most impactful for you? And what are the 3 takeaways?

For me: The Saas Sales Methode for Sales Development Reps by Jacco Van Der Kooij and Dan Smith (Winning by Design).

Here are my 3 takeaways:
- How to build an outbound sequence
- How to do account-based prospecting
- How to contact CXOs

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    • Profile picture of Amy Hrehovcik
      ( 830 POINTS )
      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      I mean, I think there is a tremendous amount of relevant wisdom to learn outside the traditional “sales” books. Plenty of that crap thrown at sellers all day, everyday.

      The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday
      Stillness, Ryan Holiday (avoid burnout)
      5 Dysfunctions of a Team (if you’re facilitating buying TEAMS during B2B purchases)
      Givers and Originals, Adam Grant
      Loonshots, Safi Bahcall
      Stories that Stick
      Made To Stick, Health Brothers (making change stick)
      Great By Choice, Jim Collins (characteristics of great, growing cos, filled with mythbusters galore.)
      Et. cetera

    • Profile picture of Terry Burns
      ( 0 POINTS )
      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      Best ACTUAL sales books I have read –

      Jebb Blout – Fanatical Prospecting (mainly for prospecting)
      Chris Voss – Never split the difference

      Like Amy mentioned below however I fully believe the best advice comes from none traditional sales books –

      Shawn Achor – Happiness Advantage – My all-time favourite
      Jeff Olsen – The Slight Edge
      David Goggins – Can’t Hurt me
      David Schwarz – The magic of thinking big

      • Profile picture of Elric Legloire
        ( 1.1k POINTS )
        1 month, 2 weeks ago

        Thanks @terryburns for those 6 books, I’ve read the ones from Jebb Blount and Chris Voss.

        I just added those 4 none traditional sales books to my list.

        Thanks again.

    • Profile picture of Amy Hrehovcik
      ( 830 POINTS )
      1 month, 1 week ago

      @colin-campbell, playing in here again and just noticed your article share below.

      Read the article. Ordered ‘Super Thinking’ (also written by the author). I cannot wait to dig in further.

      Said another way, I see you with the awesomeness. Very very cool. BIG thank you.

    • Profile picture of Shubham Sood
      ( 0 POINTS )
      1 month, 1 week ago

      I liked Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross & Jason Lemkin!

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