Going from intent to sales

How do you take a prospect (not a current or past customer) from their interest and potential intent to buy directly into a sales discussion?
And is this kind of direct connection important or useful to you?

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      Profile picture of Kyle Larkin
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      1 month, 1 week ago

      If I am understanding the question correctly, then I think this really boils down to good discovery. Understanding the pain and goals of the team you are working with help develop a true value proposition. Once I am able to confidently deliver a tailored value prop, I then feel as though I have the right to ask the buying the questions (budget, procurement process, decision makers/committees involved, etc.)

      Elevating the conversation to leadership with the ability to make or strongly influence buying decisions is also key. I do my best to avoid too many meetings with folks that can’t actually make the needle move.

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        Profile picture of Eric Klein
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        1 month, 1 week ago

        I think that the phrasing has you seeing it backwards. You are responding as part of an outbound sales process. My question is related to prospects that research and reach out to your company after finding you via internet search, internet ads, billboards, email campaigns, ect.

        In Google terms, how do you get them to go from search to click to call?

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      To answer this question, don’t think about taking the customer into a sales discussion. Help them through their buying journey. Might sounds like semantics but a prospect is only going to get in touch (inbound) at certain points in their buying journey – and their intent will be different according to the stage they are at. If a prospect is early stage – just building their awareness or internally defining their needs – they are unlikely to contact a potential new supplier unless or until they can’t find key information otherwise. They are also likely to have many internal hoops to jump through before they are ready to get into serious commercial discussions. Later, they may have already defined their criteria and be ready to get to details. If it’s a complex B2B purchase, it’s also highly likely the person that makes first contact is a Recommender at best, not someone who can sign off. So, in summary – get them to the point of making contact by taking them on a journey of information to help their research process with plenty of relevant step-by-step CTAs. And then when they make contact, spend time really understanding their business, needs etc as per @klarkin45‘s comments. So often I see salespeople jump on an inbound enquiry without really taking time to explore, develop and qualify. Discovery is essential regardless of how the conversation is started. Hope that helps?

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      You could consider adding some kind of assessment to your site where they have a chance to answer some questions about their situation that allows you to give them some helpful advice. For example, you could be asking about the maturity and functionality of the technology they’re currently using. From the assessment, compose a custom response with some recommendations for them and invite them to a call to discuss further.

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