Any tips for new insurance agents on prospecting

I just started a new job selling P&C insurance and I’m using the phone to get prospect but I wonder what is the best way to become a top agent? Thank you

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      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      I can’t speak to the field as I haven’t done it myself. With that said, I have had many customers who are agents themselves, and emailing and even text have been ways that I see them reaching customers (including myself).

      I, and this goes to anyone selling just about anything, would recommend Yesware and Vidyard.

      Yesware will not only make emailing easier, but tell you when someone opens an email.

      Vidyard allows you to make super quick videos to text or email customers with ease, also telling you when someone has watched it. Video is getting bigger in sales and marketing and I have had success with it

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